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When is it the Right Time to Start a Business? | Keely & Albert Weely on their Mobile Dry Bar

Today we are dropping one of our most loved episodes from couple, Keely and Albert Weely of The Traveling Tap. Both started a very unique business of mobile dry bars that you can rent out for your events and gatherings. If you think they are just selling and handing out margaritas on the road, you are definitely hitting that big “misconception” bulb. What they actually do is kind of innovative as they make every occasion fun and alcohol-ready through their mobile dry bar.

Graduated as both music majors, Keely and Albert never saw their innovative idea coming to life not until they started The Traveling Tap during the height of the pandemic. Their idea was birthed because they both see the health crisis as a good opportunity to establish a business. One that will bring fun to people while still observing the mandate to social distance. With careful research, a mix of thorough marketing hands, and good customer service, little did Keely and Albert know that this business of theirs will become a hit in the local area.

Curious how their system works?

On their website, the client has the capability to build their own “party”.  And they can choose the cocktails they want. So like literally, it’s a like a shopping cart. So they just drop it into the shopping cart, and it gets generated and sent to the crew. The other unique feature of that is that they choose drinks that are locally sourced from Palm Harbor area distilleries.

On Expanding and Branching Out

As per Keely, they would definitely love to expand to the point where they build more partnerships in the community.  Franchising is definitely in their wheelhouse, but pairing up with other people, and getting their brand more exposure is definitely one of the priorities before proceeding. With both their background in music education, Keely and Albert would love to educate people and help startups should they decide to franchise their businesses.


The Traveling Tap

The Traveling Tap is a business established by Keely & Albert Weely. Definitely a party starter, they offer a dry bar for hire, for any type of event. (big or small). Photo courtesy of www.thetravelingtap.com

Their Favorite Palm Harbor Spot

The power couple totally loves to take their kids for a quick food-trip spree and drink at Downtown St. Pete. One of their go-to places is Berry House where they just love to spend their family time and just get that absolute time of their lives.

Connect with Keely and Albert

If you think mobile dry bars are the perfect missing piece to make your event a fun one, go ahead and contact Keely and Albert through their website at www.thetravelingtap.com. Also follow them on Instagram @thetravelingtapfl where you can also their portfolio– linktr.ee/Thetravelingtapfl

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March 21, 2022
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