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Our mission is to help the small business owners get the love they deserve and for you to get the chance to meet them. Learn about their dreams, their struggles and what they enjoy doing when they are not running their business. We think you will begin to see that they are just like everyone else and the only difference is they decided to feel the fear of starting a business and do it anyway.

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Brandon Dill | From Lenses to Leader

Brandon Dill | From Lenses to Leader

Many people are torn between keeping a side hustle and their day job. Some felt like they had to choose one way or the other. Some even feel like they are just born to follow and not become a leader. But what if you can do both?  What if you can actually do both and...

Donnie Hathaway | Why Consistency Will Change Your Life

Donnie Hathaway | Why Consistency Will Change Your Life

Are you finding it hard to stick to your goals and stay consistent? You're not alone! Consistency is a common challenge for many of us, but that doesn't mean we're failing. With a little bit of planning and execution, we can overcome it.  Don't beat yourself up if you...