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Our mission is to help the small business owners get the love they deserve and for you to get the chance to meet them. Learn about their dreams, their struggles and what they enjoy doing when they are not running their business. We think you will begin to see that they are just like everyone else and the only difference is they decided to feel the fear of starting a business and do it anyway.

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Jennifer Jacobs | Baking Your Way to Success

Jennifer Jacobs | Baking Your Way to Success

Who doesn't love a custom-made mouth-watering buttercream sweet pastry like this? From the looks of it, you already knew that it was baked with such talented and creative hands.  Today we are so lucky to be graced by the owner of Wandering Whisk Bakeshop, Jennifer...

Brandon Kelter | Turning Dreams Into Reality

Brandon Kelter | Turning Dreams Into Reality

Cash is definitely king when buying your home but it's not everything! Brandon Kelter is a Palm Harbor local --- born and raised and started his mortgage career about 4 years ago. He has helped numerous locals and non-locals purchase their home and it's that joy that...

Once a Local, Always a Local | Kert Rhodes

Once a Local, Always a Local | Kert Rhodes

Growing up in a local community like Palm Harbor is definitely something Kert is grateful for. With him being well traveled, he certainly couldn't name any place like home than the place he grew up in, Palm Harbor. During his early years, Kert recalled that there were...