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The Power of Meditation and Sound Healing: Insights from a Mental Health Expert

On this week’s episode, my guest is Amy Triplett. She is a mental health counselor, hypnotherapist, and owner of Safety Harbor’s newest meditation and Wellness Center on meditation and wellness. In this episode, we talked about Amy’s journey and experience in mental health, the mindset of starting your business, and Amy shares some insights into some daily habits you can implement today to set yourself up for success.

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Thank you so much for having me.

Of course. I’m excited to chat with you. We had a great conversation, leading up to this and, and your business or meditation and wellness. I guess let’s start there. And what is that? And kind of how did you get into that?

Meditation and wellness are some of those blessings I didn’t even see coming. It’s not something that I had a massive dream for. It was an evolution that I think is been quite beautiful. I started my journey, my professional journey as a special ed teacher, I taught behavior disorders and learning disabilities in various places in Pinellas County and the South Bronx.

And Orlando, took time off to have my kids I have four kids, and went back to school for counseling and that worked out great love counseling, love the intensiveness of it, the deep dives you get to do with individuals. During that process, I became a Hypnotherapist. And that kind of shifted from I love all the cognitive behavioral techniques and counseling. But hypnotherapy was different because that’s working, kind of on the light side.

Yes, you can deal with deep trauma and stuff. But it just was a different part of working with the mind, the conscious, and the subconscious. And so I was doing that for a while, went out on my own had my practice, and would do workshops on a grander scale with yoga and hypnotherapy to do group sessions.

So then my curiosity kind of grew even more with, oh, I can do this not just intensively one on one, but with more people and get to share more knowledge with people about how to take your mind to the light side,  really learning how to utilize the power of your mind to the positive direction, not just combating negative symptoms, which is also important.

There’s a place for both but I feel oftentimes that positive space gets missed, of what activities can you do intentionally to go to the light side. I am so doing those I did workshops with Yoga Six for over a year. And that kind of elevated me a little bit to more people, okay, this is 20 people workshop, this is great.

I went to a space, I was helping a girlfriend who was sick with cancer. And we went to a meditation space in Houston while she was an MD Anderson.

I was able to visually see meditation, in a very doable space that didn’t involve yoga, yoga is great, but not everybody wants to do yoga to get to the meditation space. So it’s kind of a gym, but only for meditation.

So it was memberships. It was a drop-in. And it was aerial floating meditation. And what is it that most people associate aerial yoga with? So it’s not yoga, but it’s in a silk scarf, where you’re floating, doing meditation, guided meditation, with sound ball healing going on all around you it’s so immersive. So that experience in Houston made me see this was doable on this level where it wasn’t just a workshop.

Was it something else?

This is something people could do every day. And that excited me.

Are there any spaces currently in Pinellas County that do something like that?

No, not that I’m aware of. And I’ve searched for a lot of comps, not only for comps, I love to be a receiver of any of these service shirts. to me, it’s never competition, it’s community over competition. So let me be the receiver of your service and you can be the receiver mind, how can you learn and grow from each other? So no, there’s a lot of sample here.

There’s a lot of separateness, there’s going to be a lot of sample healing at a lot of places in the Tampa Bay area, even in Pinellas County. Oftentimes, it’s a workshop where it might be once a month you’ll see someone or it might be tied in with yoga. But I think that’s why excited me is oh, there’s such a need for this daily. I mean, who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t need that kind of restoration daily for 45 minutes where it’s not okay, that you’re committed to a two-hour workshop? You and I have a lot of children together so okay, wait not to get either separately together. So who has time for that? Who has time just to take out two hours every week to do that?

So talk to me about meditation for someone who this is new to them,  like they’ve never meditated before? What is meditation on its most basic level?

Well, that’s also what excites me about this because yes, I will do a lot of science-based research. After all, I believe in that. But I want to keep it simple. To me, anyone can meditate anytime, anyplace, anywhere, it is not a fragile state of mind. It is just the essence of being highly focused and relaxed at the same time.

To me, that is it in a nutshell. You go in and out of I’m gonna, I’m gonna say the word trance, although some people might rule I don’t know about that word. Being in and out of trance is a normal, natural state of being that you go in and out of daily, how many times you’re driving, and you’re when did I pass through a street?

I don’t even remember that happening. It’s because you were hyper-focused on something else and relaxed at the same time. Now, if something had gone in front of you, you would have been able to snap back into it and avert your car from hitting anything.

So it’s not this uncontrollable state. And that’s, in hypnotherapy, that’s people’s fear is that, oh, I’m afraid I’m going to be out of control when it’s it’s a hyper state of control and relaxation.

It’s interesting. I heard this idea. There are two types of meditation. Maybe, I guess, and maybe you can talk more about this. But here’s where you have, if you’re running for exercise. Your mind is low activity in that exercise. But your body is highly active. Your body’s moving, you’re not thinking about much at that time. And then the more I think of meditation, it’s being still sitting. So your mind is active but your body is still. So there are benefits to both.

Absolutely. And that’s why it’s so important that people understand what meditation can look like. Because I do think there’s this idea that it has to be silence, that your mind is completely quiet, that you’re completely still it has to look all the pictures do. And instead, now, you could meditate.

That’s why I again, love hearing the phrase that it’s not a fragile state of mind. You can meditate with construction workers going on all around you. But you can still get relaxed. And I think you might even be talking more about, brainwave states because there are different brainwave states to give us different types of activities.

And that’s the fascinating part about the sound bowl healing because as a hypnotherapist, That’s my goal is to get somebody into a very relaxed state so that their subconscious mind is open. And the critical mind isn’t over criticizing some of the things we’re going to bypass that by getting you so relaxed, that that can take some time, and some practice sound balls, though sound balls with the vibration that they produce.

They can take you into that deep state of delta theta state of relaxation in a very short amount of time. It’s that sound almost instantly clears out chatter in the head. It’s amazing.

Tell me more about the sound bowl healing and how that works. And  what someone can do to benefit themselves in using that,

Oh man, I think whether it’s meditation, hypnotherapy, or assemble healing, the wonderful thing about any one of those is that you can use them for anything. So if it’s somebody coming,  if it’s therapeutically, one of my therapy clients comes to me saying, oh, who has issues, who has traumatic issues or has issues with self-esteem and self-love?

We can, once we bypass that critical mind, then sprinkle all the goodness of the language that we’re going to use to help you with what you need, it’s very prescriptive. But even in a massive setting, with with maybe 20 to 30 people coming, you’re gonna get guided meditation, that’s full of positivity, which, who doesn’t need to hear that daily, so you’re gonna get the language that’s, that’s that you’re meant to hear. That’s, I mean, I’m trained in neurolinguistic programming, which most meditation hypnotherapy people are, which is the power of the words that we choose because that is important.

So you get the power of the language that’s being used. You get the power, of the sound bowls, which is that deep state of relaxation. That’s the purpose of the sound bowls. Yes, they sound nice. But the different notes are played for releasing for relaxing. It’s a musical instrument that I think is overlooked because they’re bowls who think that that’s a musical instrument and that they have very specific notes, but it’s quite fast. At the healing powers of sound, I just told you I went to a concert last night.

And it’s such a reminder to me of vibrational medicine, of the power of how good you feel when something resonates with you and the sound moving through your body. Sound bowl healing vibrates through your body.

So think about how we’re made up of mostly liquid in our body. I think the quote is, 70 to 80% liquid. so think about all of that being vibrant and touching you, but all of that being vibrated throughout your body can imagine all the healing that’s going on within, we know that sound is used in so many medical things, whether that’s breaking up kidney stones, um, in cancer treatment, their sound being used.

So there’s, there’s many purposes for sound. So to me,  I said, this immersive experience of hearing in your conscious mind, positive things that you want repeated, that that’s what you’re coming to hear, but also the restoration that’s taking place inside your body so that when you leave, gosh, you’re gonna be feeling hopefully energized and relaxed and ready to take on your day are ready to finish your day, it’s, and it’s, it’s something that I love to be a receiver of so much.

I know I was sharing with you before we started was, sometimes you think well, I love this so much. But it does resonate,,  everybody else is gonna want this too.  Luckily, I know that that’s true because it’s been this growing thing, I think, across the United States, probably in other countries to just mindfulness meditation post-COVID.

Just that concentration on how can we get to feeling better and being better? How can you be the best version of yourself?

What do you think has been a big driver and that, approach of I want to take care of me first before I can take care of other people because I think that’s big, I’ve seen and heard that a lot recently, where it’s you, it’s been a focus on that?

You have to take care of yourself.  I started. I got into real estate, and I started reading books on personal development. And so that’s always been kind of a mindset of mine. As I’ve been growing, my business I have to take care of myself first. And, there’s been ups and downs in that journey. But I’ve heard that a lot. What do you think’s changed, and our society?

COVID changed everything on so many levels. As a counselor, I get asked a lot, especially during COVID, because, we were considered essential healthcare workers as licensed mental health counselors, so we never closed. And, and people would say, Oh, I put so many people are coming to you, because of the stress of COVID. And maybe a small, maybe  2% of my intake people would be that.

But more importantly, so many people had time off from work or worked from home and finally had time to explore counseling. I don’t know how many new clients, I would get to say, I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’ve never had the time. So COVID, I think as many things that came with it that were that were awful, and negative and heartbreaking. So a lot of positive things came out of it too.

And I think that is a huge one is people having the time to take care of themselves and the space to do it, especially since we didn’t have to close down if we didn’t choose to, plus also opening the availability to online counseling. that was a thing before, but it was it was really kind of frowned upon, Yes, we had the capability of doing it legally, and ethically.

But it didn’t happen that often. And now that is the norm. And it’s just the accessibility of people being able to get the help when they need it when they want it. And I think that’s that COVID has just shifted in a lot of ways. The I love that wave that’s come out of COVID is the How do I take care of myself so that I can be the best version of myself?

Isn’t it amazing how something that little twitch in our mindset, whatever it completely changes opens up this new possibility oh, wow, this works. 

Absolutely. And that’s, I think another thing that excites me about expanding my business to include the meditation studio, is that  I said, I love all my clients. I love how intense it gets one one-on-one, but to be able to help more people at one time and people that might not want to go to counseling, depending on their background, their upbringing, if they’ve had a negative experience with counseling, to be able to still reach them on a therapeutic level that isn’t as intense, but can be equally powerful.

Because of this, especially with guided met dictation I love both I love the sound bowls. Because sometimes my mind just might, I’m gonna allow my mind to go where it needs to go without guidance. And then the guided meditation is beautiful as well.

For me personally, when I do meditation, I’m clearing out the noise because I am aligning with my highest version of myself, for me, it’s when I’m aligning with God, for other people that might be the universe that might be their highest self. But for me, it’s when I can hear God talk to me and have the answers that I need to hear. And that, to me is the truest form of me. And so that’s the me that was meant to be put on this earth. And I get bogged down with the stress and worries of being a wife, a mother, a business owner, a friend of all the things.

So I feel  I just restore to the just the core being of who I am. That’s what I hope that other people will get out of their own of coming to all of the power that can be of who you’re meant to be in that beauty. I mean, it’s self-serving. I think I’ve said it to you before, it’s a ripple effect. So I get to benefit from all the people in my community being the best versions of themselves. And it is this beautiful ripple effect we give each other

How often do you just sit and write the temptation to have to be stimulated and honestly, it’s the dopamine hits we’re addicted to? So it’s whether it’s looking at how many s or some Mindlessly scrolling dopamine constantly getting through us.

So it’s how can I retrain my brain to be comfortable in the stillness, but in the stillness, and I don’t mean silence. But in in the stillness of quieting My mind is where the answers are, is where is where everything is. It’s kind of that. Yes, and COVID we’ve learned to take care of ourselves better, but also, on the opposite end. All of social media and all of that presence has increased so

How does that affect us negatively,  the dopamine hits,  having the technology? 

It’s so addictive, it’s so addictive, and I and people don’t realize the the science aspect of the dopamine hits and how your body craves it. And it’s an exercise I give a lot of clients of just the exercise and self-control of alright, and the goal might be what I’m not talking major life shifts, it could be alright, aim when you’re driving at I might I check my phone during a stoplight.

So my goal might be okay, Amy, for the next for today. And tomorrow, you’re not allowed to check your phone at stoplights. Or when you’re in line at Publix or Target.  Because I’m never present. If we’re always Alright, I’m gonna stand here up. Nope, I can’t just stand here and look around at my surroundings. That’s awkward, make connections with people. Let me just go inside myself and my phone.

So it’s those challenges. But I’m hoping that the more people that feel that safety, that comfort of being in themselves, of aligning with themselves of meditating of not having that dopamine,  you are actively it’s so empowering because you’re choosing to show up to do the meditation. I was telling my clients, I am not the magic in the room you are because I have a skill set I’m very proud of and I’ve worked hard at, but you’re the magic in the room. It’s never me. I’m the facilitator.

It’s your choice to go there. it’s your choice to do the activities or challenge yourself outside of these four walls. So even with meditation, well on you for even showing up. You’ve already won the game by even doing something for yourself and showing up and trying something new and different being brave enough to say, I know how many people even with hypnotherapy say, it won’t work on me, my mind is too busy.

And of course, I’m Oh, you’re perfect. Because it’s about about, it’s not about silence and quieting it’s actually about focus. You sound good at that you sound like you’re focusing on a lot of things that’s gonna work to your advantage. So it’s just people asked why I hope that this is a safe space that people can enter in for people who, it’s going to be easy for people to Love meditation, they’re gonna they’re gonna love.

But for the newbies that are  I’ve, I, I’ve always wanted to do something more for myself. This could be a safe space to begin to explore your, meditation, and mindfulness while returning to you and just try it out, and exploring it. Just try it. I always tell people to just try it once. Give yourself a limit two times and see how I feel afterwards. Just try it.

So keep going on about that. Let’s talk about the business a little bit and get started. You’re not quite opened up yet. But you’re you’re getting there. What has that process been? What are some challenges that you’ve had to overcome? Maybe some fears that you’ve had to overcome?

I think a lot of people, when they think of starting a business, it’s oh, man, that’s a big to do. It’s been every end of the spectrum. Something that has resonated with me though I read a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book is called Big Magic. She talks about the creative process for artists, for writers, and whatnot. And how, when somebody writes a book, they just know it’s going to be torturous, and it’s going to be awful. And you got to write it.

And she said, But why? Why does it have to be hard? Why? Why can’t it be lovely and enjoyable, that you go into something big, and so I’ve had that in my head. When I was put on my heart to open the studio is, I would just aim, your mantra has to be, but why does it have to be hard? What if it’s lovely and wonderful? Yes, of course, there’s going to be hiccups and stressors,  anything in life.

But if I can go into this with a mindset of, but it’s not going to be hard, it’s going to be a lovely experience that will be challenging, and teach me a lot of lessons. But it’s not going to be hard. And so I’ve really tried hard to have that. I try hard to practice what I preach, with my mindset, but of course, I’m human.

So when the challenges come up, it’s I’ve never done anything on this level, never, and I’ve only rented small office spaces. For my private practice. It’s been very easy and simplistic. So for me to rent out 3000 square feet.  That’s twice the size of my own house. It cut now and then I’ll get somebody else to come in this space ago.

Oh my gosh, this place is huge. Suddenly, I’ll be Oh, my God. three bathrooms? I only have two at home. So I can be human and be overwhelmed by it. And I was overwhelmed this past week of just, I think,  any business owner, and not just business owner, any human can go back to just feeling oh, gosh, I’m not sure if other people are gonna this as much as I do. What if it is not successful?

What if it does, I mean, and then, and then I go back to honestly, the meditation practice that I do, is what helps keep me grounded, and I stopped doing it. For a couple of weeks, I traveled, a dear friend of mine died just last week. And it’s been so shifting that I’ve gotten out of my practice. This week, I was overwhelmed with so much emotion that financial worries weren’t going to be successful. It’s such a vulnerable place so I’m not hiding behind another business. It’s this is me Safety Harbor, and I’ve lived in Safety Harbor for 17 years.

I love it, I raise my children there. It’s great. I love so many people there. But it’s a different level of vulnerability of rejection of those darn Facebook pages, those group pages that you’re oh, gosh, I know that I’m going to be targeted one of these days on one of these pages of but this week, I went back to my guided meditation practice. And it was it all just went away. where it was but aim

It’s all gonna work out. So I look at that. And it’s the you’re self-aware of what’s going on in your head in your surroundings? And that sort of stuff, do you? And having that mindset, going into that?  What are some practical tips for people who are doing something challenging in their lives to to have that mindset in the beginning, but also, keep it throughout when you said, life is gonna get hard there are going to be challenges you have to overcome. But does everybody have that self-awareness to be able to oh, okay, I need to I need to go back and I need to meditate I need to do my practices.

I’m gonna take it back to two phrases that my clients are probably so sick of me saying you guys are so effective. And it has to do with just general anxiety. My two favorite phrases to use for our feelings are not facts is my number one phrase because We can easily convince ourselves that I’m feeling this way for a reason. And so, therefore, I should be feeling this way. I’m anxious. I feel this might not be successful. I’m feeling nervous about money.


The Power of Meditation and Sound Healing Insights from a Mental Health Expert

My past money issues are coming up and I’m feeling oh, I’m not worthy of having something big and being successful. But that’s not true. And, so, my challenge always is feelings are not facts.

So understand that just because I’m feeling a certain way I should be. That’s. So it’s not that’s not true that I should be feeling that way. So the way to challenge it for me is to ask where the evidence to support the fact that I should be feeling this way. Because there’s a difference between me being human and my mind going wild with, just going down rabbit holes and worry and stress, but when I can stop and go, Amy, where’s the evidence to support the fact that this business will not be successful? All falls away?

I have a lot of evidence to the contrary, because I didn’t just, make this up. I have a business plan and did much research and planning. But that’s where the anxiety falls away. So I think for anybody, in any facet of life, it’s always checking your feelings, because just because you’re feeling that way doesn’t mean that you should be feeling that way. So don’t go on that. What’s my gut feeling? Okay. Check your gut, though. It’s okay.

Check it, maybe you’re. So if you check it, and you find evidence, okay. Evidence to me is action, though. So if I’m feeling oh, gosh, I don’t know if I’m worthy to open up this business. Well, let me check this. Amy, do you have any evidence of worthiness where you shouldn’t know, because I’ve worked hard? I have several degrees, I’ve, I have a lot of training. Okay, that falls away.

But if it’s a money issue, maybe maybe there was something financially going on, that I needed to take care of, and I’m feeling oh, gosh, I don’t know if this is gonna work out. Amy, where’s the evidence to support this feeling that it might not work out financially?

Well, because I have this going on over here. Oh, what action can you take with that? So when challenging the thought, it doesn’t just leave it in never Neverland, it either falls away, because I have no evidence to support it. Or now I know what action I need to take okay, just oh, you weren’t anxious? Because you didn’t want to take the action? Got it? love that. So to me, that’s that those are the two easy phrases?

Do you think everybody has that ability to critically think about, their thoughts and be self-aware of if they want to, if they want to, if they want to?

Same thing with counseling, I mean, of course, I’ve had, every counselor had a client in the past that wants to come and vent and complain. And even when that,  there’s, they don’t want to be self-aware. They want to they’re married to the narrative, which is causing them pain. And honestly, it’s heartbreaking to witness somebody do that.

But sometimes some people don’t want to make the changes. And for whatever reason, I’m not judging them. Something is going on that hasn’t shifted, that hasn’t healed yet. Okay. But you have to have you have to want it. You have to, you have to want to have an awareness to have an awareness, not just one, I’m fine so but anybody who, who wants to have that awareness who wants to be better? Anybody can change their thoughts.

So I want to ask you, this final question about daily habits. So that’s something in the personal development journey that I’ve been on, having some a daily set of habits to kind of set you up for success or whatever, that’s been a constant tweaking of, to find out what works for me, and, you read all the books, here’s the six habits that you must do.

And, sure, and then and then you’re in then I’ve realized that some of them work better for me than others. I don’t need to do all six of them or whatever it is. So in your mind, what are some positive habits that people can do daily to get them in the frame of mind to handle the day’s challenges? And handle that day?

A variety. I’m a Gemini so I  change and I  a variety of techniques and strategies. And I think it’s I love hearing what you’re saying though, is honoring who you are. And if something works one day for you, great if you want to have another strategy for another day, it’s not feeling it has to look a certain way.   reading the books and learning God help us all got we’ve got many therapists on TikTok on Instagram, and a lot of it is great stuff it’s reaching so many people and it’s really good stuff, but just honoring who you are and what works for ing that it doesn’t have to look exactly it does for somebody else. I tell my clients all the time, I’m going to give you several strategies for you to try this week.

And You pick what works for you because what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. I mean, but first and foremost, it’s the positive thoughts. It’s anchoring your thoughts someplace positive. I love a good mantra and affirmation. It could be anything I love. I love other people, I love language, but I get sick of my own.

So I love to Google Pinterest, affirmations, and mantras because it’ll light me up with Ooh, I  that combination of words that lights me up. so I love having it because when I can get stressed or overwhelmed if I have an anchor to take it back to and that is going to be who I got it, I’ll have to think of my eggs. After all, then it’ll give time for my anxiety to take me down and go down a rabbit hole and be nope, expect good things.

So having mantras is affirmation. And just knowing that there’s an exercise I  to do with clients, where I have them look around the room, and I will tell them, you have 30 seconds to find to count as many blue things as you can. So count as many blue things. And I give him three seconds. They look around the room, and they count.

And when they’re done, I say how many green things did you find? And they think I’ve misspoken they suppose blue? I said I know. But how many green things? And they say? Well, you didn’t tell me to find the green things you wrote? I didn’t? How many?

Do you see green things in the room? Well, there’s a lot. And my point, and I love this analogy, though, is that there are opportunities all around us. But when we’re hyper-focused on the blue, we miss that there are so many different things out there. So just keeping activities in mind of the there’s, there are paths around me that are waiting to be eliminated if I look for them. So it’s always having that, that positive mindset.

And I’ll end with one more activity that I love for clients to do and that stays my dream. And I will know, we kind of forget to do that. Because we’re on our freaking phone somewhere.? So it’s choosing a positive thought, to me, it’s almost self-meditating. It’s a no-self hypnosis is really what that is. It’s choosing what if I, what if I choose to think that I want an expat all-expenses-paid vacation, and I can take two friends, sorry, hobby, taking two friends.

And I have to explore all the five senses. And I can only think positively about this. And the five senses are really important because they it stick in my subconscious mind. Your subconscious doesn’t evaluate if something’s happening or not. So for me, if I’m Oh my gosh, I’m in Spain. And there are dancers around us and we’re drinking sangria and I can hear the music and we’re,  I am fully there. I’m tasting the tapas, I’m tasting the sangria, hear the music, I hear the laughter of my friends.  I can experience all of that.

And if you’re focused on all the details for 30 seconds, or two minutes, I guarantee you that later that week, I will reach out to one of those friends. I will drink Sangria possibly, or eat tapas or do something that I immersed myself in for those two minutes. And I tell my clients not to just think about it for two minutes.

When you’re done. I want you to honor yourself and say, Look what I did. Look what I did with my thoughts I chose where they went for two minutes. So if I can choose where they went for two minutes, what else can I do with my mind? So will that. Take your mind? Anywhere? Two minutes a day? Someplace fabulous. Five people for dinner? Who would they be celebrities? Who would they be? mentors? Who would they be just anyplace fabulous? Your mind is powerful.

And it could be the same thing over and over again? Because we just iterate.

But along with the mantras. So to me, and this probably goes back to my teaching days, as many learning modalities as you can hit, it’s going to solidify in your core in your mind. So if it’s auditory, visual, or tactile, as many learning modalities you can hit. So being able to sit and that’s why saying mantras out loud, even if it’s just you in the car.

I recommend not just hearing it, writing it down, putting it in places in your house, or saying it out loud. Look at yourself in the mirror. So you’ve got the visual, you’ve got the auditory if you’re touching your heart, you got the kinesthetic so layering on those learning modalities with all the positive stuff.

Pretty good stuff. Well, Amy, this has been a bunch of fun and super valuable I think for for a lot of people listening to your practice, where can people find you? Where can people follow you on socials?

Thank you. So I am in the heart of downtown Safety Harbor. I love Safety Harbor so much. So I’m at 550 Main Street, downtown Safety Harbor, own meditation and wellness, we are on Instagram and Facebook. We will not only be offering the studio space for guided meditations, we’ll be doing meditations about four times a day.

I also have my counseling practice there. We also offer workshops about twice a month with tapping with intention setting candle making, fire ceremonies, all kinds of  Just want to reach as many people as possible.  However, people can feel safe in one space to heal and explore themselves.



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