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Taylor Harris | How To Become A Successful Salon Owner

Born and raised in Palm Harbor, our next guest is passionate about Palm Harbor beyond her business. Taylor is the co-founder of one of the well-loved salons in the area, Salon Raw Aveda. Fueled by her passion for making her clients feel special and good about themselves Taylor has also built a dynamic team of hair artists.

Taylor’s career breakthroughs and experience in the hairstyling industry

She started cutting hair shortly after high school and new it was something she loved. Together with her business partner, Chris, they decided to take a leap of faith and start their own business venture after years of being an employee themselves.  The owner of the Salon there were working at decided it was their time to move and offered to sell it to Chris and Taylor. Even though they lacked the business experience they felt it was the right time to take the next step in their careers.

Starting a business then was challenging and quite different than it is today. Taylor recalled building her business by handing out business cards and having a small sign out on the side walk. Their success would also not be possible without their partnership with the known beauty and cosmetics brand, Aveda.

Taylor’s team culture and how she loves having fresh eyes in her businesses.

Taylor greatly considers herself very well at handling the publicity and marketing side of their business. While Chris is more on the accounting part (because Taylor doesn’t want to be drowned with all those numbers).

Taylor says she and Chris create very good dynamics as partners and another one of the things she is grateful for is her “fresh eyes” in her business. She acknowledges that while her experience has been long in the industry, having people on her team who keep up with the current hair and beauty trends is her business is an asset.

 Welcome to Salon Raw

Taylor and her team at Salon Raw Aveda. Image courtesy of their website at www.salonrawpalmharbor.com.

Tips on how to maintain good hair hygiene. 

Taylor was very generous in sharing with us some tips to live by if one wants to have healthy hair

  • Do not color or cut your hair by yourself. It is highly advised for you to have a professional stylist do it. This is not just for the sake of business but because years of education have been invested by this stylist to make sure that your hair is handled appropriately.
  • You don’t need to wash your hair every day.
  • Find your products. Use only what works for your hair type. Which is different for everyone.
What she loves most about Palm Harbor.

Just like our previous guests, we asked Taylor what she loves most about Palm Harbor. Taylor smilingly replied that she loves the community and the people within it. She also enjoyed seeing every improvement done here. The growth of Downtown Palm Harbor has also played a role in her business growth. She loves seeing more and more people/families enjoy what Downtown Palm Harbor has to offer.

Aside from this, she also loves doing yoga, truly enjoys weekends at Pop Stansell Park, and can’t get enough of Fireside Pizza Cafe in Downtown Palm Harbor.

If you love what Taylor does here or if you want to book an appointment with her awesome team, head over to their website at www.salonrawpalmharbor.com  or follow them on Instagram @salonraw_aveda. 

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