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Stepping Our of Your Comfort Zone to Unlock Your True Potential

Join us as we have, Dr. Caleb Gressett this week, as he delves into overcoming fears and stepping out of comfort zones for personal growth, with insights from his journey in long-distance running and the holistic benefits of chiropractic care. Discover how chiropractic can be a safer alternative to back surgery or pain medication, and why it’s gaining popularity in the US. Caleb shares actionable tips to promote chiropractic care and change public perceptions.

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I’m excited for you all to meet Dr. Caleb Gressett he is the lead chiropractor at The Source Dunedin, after moving here to Florida from Mississippi. Now he has a fresh approach to life. And his energy is contagious. 

He is just someone you want to be around and spend time with. Now in this episode, we talked about the mindset of running 15 miles, how Dr. Kala became a chiropractor, and why the source chiropractic is changing the game. When it comes to receiving this type of care. Seriously, they’re doing some really great things for the community. 

So if you need this type of care, or if considering visiting a chiropractor, give them an opportunity. You won’t regret it. Now, I would love for you if you enjoyed this episode, or enjoying the podcast. Take a screenshot of the episode that you just listened to. and tag us on social media. Help us reach more people.  And let me know what episodes you are enjoying. Thanks for listening. 

So we were just talking about this but 15 miles this morning. How are you feeling?

I am feeling better than I was afterwards. You have done a workout and you got to immediately after and, you knew that the next day was going to be hell. That’s how I felt the first probably the first hour after that it was hard to walk and you’re just, looking at yourself, okay, but we went eight after the run. And I remember sitting there at a stoplight and my calves are just throbbing. And actually, David Goggins came to my head. 

He was, do just bask in this for a second. He was, he completed something special. So we said, on the run,  Philip being able to feel that pain still means your life. ?. So fill in a lot better now. Once I got home, stretched out, and got some good food. Got a good lift. But, it was, surprisingly a lot harder than I expected. So which is weird, because the first seven were cake. 

I know, we’re so what?  And we’re always gonna stop at seven and a half. And then committed to do the next seven and a half with you guys.  I felt good. I could do that again.

So when you said I’ll go to the next half. I was, let’s go down. You took off. So when you were texting the group,  a couple of days before? 

Hey, we’re gonna do 15, so fast forward to the beginning of this year. I haven’t been running until the last few weeks. So, starting,  running with a group. I realized Oh, I could push myself a little more we were running three and a half, eight. , three and a half miles for the last few weeks. 

And then so, when you and then what you were talking about last week about doing this Ultra? And, just challenging your your mental fortitude and, just pushing yourself.  that was coming to mind when you were, oh, let’s do it if anyone’s up for it. 

Let’s do 15.  So, that pushed me to be, well, let’s give it a try.  and see what we can do. And you crushed it, you did it fast. It’s out of all of us, man.

Maybe my prior running helped with some of that. But I think we were talking about, just just knowing that there’s going to be moments where it’s, really hard. It’s gonna there’s gonna be some discomforts and, pains and stuff, but you just gotta push through those.

It’s so funny how people will almost write things off, challenging things off because I used to say, I’m not a runner. I’m a power athlete. I do man sport, I lift weights. Look at me But it was just a write-off of honestly, ignorance and not knowing what went into long-distance running. And I got a little taste of my own medicine this morning. I see why people do this. 

Because everyone loves a good challenge. Once you get into it and see yourself come out on the other end of it, especially something that you don’t think you can finish.  But it’s really easy for people to look at that and be, oh you skinny boys that running But it’s just a write-off for you not to try something new. 

So here lately as I’ve started to evolve my fitness and kind of branch out, it showed me Hey open your mind a little bit and try something different that you’ve been writing off and what was the one thing you’ve been writing off and it was long-distance running, it was always something I was a small kid. So I never wanted to get small again. 

I thought you had to get small to be a long-distance runner, you’re gonna deal. And so now I was able to kind of segue into that and prove, Hey, you can still have your cake and eat it too. But always try something different, even if it scares the hell out of you. 

Or even if you’re writing it off is no big deal. , there’s something in that, you can find somebody who has a passion for anything that you may be, you may think it’s super boring. But if you have a conversation with them, you’ll find it fascinating. , because they’ll show you something or teach you something that you’ve never known about that. ? It could be about plants.  

And then you find all these cool healing properties of plants that you never knew before, and you have a completely different outlook. 

So that’s what I decided to do with running. But what I didn’t realize and started going into this morning was more the mental and emotional aspect of the running process. And I think that’s why a lot of people do it too. And I can see why they would do that. Just because you kind of go through the roller coaster of emotions of, okay, this hurts, this is stupid, you kind of hear that voice in your head Hey, dude, you don’t have to do this lifting weights is way cooler. But then you go through different things if you sign up to do this. 

I think once you commit to something, and stick to it, it shows you that we have a lot of internal dialogue, that we tell ourselves to talk ourselves out of something out of a growing phase, or out of a growing opportunity. So I think once you commit to something, following through is important.

Have that mindset of recognizing those moments or things that,  running for you, that you need to challenge yourself on? It’s usually fear, I find things that scare me or make me nervous.  So you’re self-evaluating? Are you looking for those things? Or just now?

I used to not be I used to stay in my little comfort zone Things that in which a lot of people do find the things that you’re good at and that you’d love to do.  I think that everyone should do that. But also, finding the things that scare you is usually a good sign that you’re getting one step closer to getting to the next level or evolving or finding that next superpower. 

We had a breathwork ceremony at the practice last week or two weeks ago. And that was one of the biggest things that came through is typically the thing you fear the most, is the very thing that could help unlock your superpower Whether it be public speaking, doing something very hard or putting yourself out there and a new relationship, whatever it is, it’s typically using that fear to fuel you and allow you to grow instead of to paralyze you. 


It’s very liberating. And I think a lot more people should do it. Because anybody that you listen to who we would deem super successful, has also had a lot of failures, too. They’ve had to step into that uncertainty and step into the waters of fear. But every time they realize it’s not as scary as they think. Even if it was a worst-case scenario you always made it through, because you’re still here. 


Your mind is pretty powerful. So you’re the doctor of chiropractic medicine. How did you let’s get back to the beginning of that, and, how did you get into that field? And is that something you’ve always wanted to do?


No. So going back, I came from a family where it was always good a good paying job, something that secure something that safe that you can hang your hat on. So what I originally wanted to do was be a nurse and ethicist. 


This is funny because I wanted to put people to sleep but now I’ve wake people up so, pretty cool. But went through the first two years of undergrad applied for nursing school and and my grades were great. But whenever life wants to bring you down a path, things that don’t make logical sense tend to happen And so I got put on the alternate list for nursing school. 


So I took a semester off, and I was bummed about it and felt like a failure. But I was doing so I was an Olympic lifter at the time, and I was at a weightlifting meet. And I just happened to have a conversation with a chiropractor there. That was in my area. And we hit it off, and we started talking. I was coaching CrossFit at the time. 


After the conversation, he just looked at me because I did I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I think you should look into chiropractic. And me looking at him. I was, This guy is super cool. He seems he’s got it together. He’s a great athlete. 


He’s in shape. Let me check it out. So I started looking at videos. Every night of just guessing videos, I was one of those crack addicts. But over time, I realized that wow,  this is interesting, even not knowing much about it. 


So I finished my undergrad and I told him I said, Hey, I’m gonna go do this thing. And he said, Okay if you do it, you got a job with me. 


I was, Okay, I’m gonna do it. So we kept in touch. Lo and behold, I ended up tweaking my back, doing some sort of weightlifting meet, and when saw on for the injury, and as we started adjusting, he started showing me more about chiropractic. But then I also started realizing that I was recovering way faster, I was sleeping way better. And I was also used to having a short fuse. 


So I was also a lot more patient. And people started to notice that I didn’t even notice it It was things that people brought up to me. And so I started asking him about it. And he said Man, chiropractic is a lot more than just getting out of back pain when we directly affect the nervous system. Other things start to get affected too. 


So I thought it was really interesting. So ended up getting accepted to chiropractic school, went over there, and I had this big plan, I was going to graduate, move back to Mississippi, work with him, and then we’re just going to grow this thing. 


But then I ended up finding a group in chiropractic school that completely changed my perspective of not only just chiropractic but of life. And so I graduated from chiropractic school. And when I came back, one of my really, he’s one of my brothers now. 


He’s the owner of The Source St. Pete And Dunedin. I called him and I was on my way back to Mississippi to start the job. And I was depressed. And I was, Dude, I feel  I’m moving backwards. Just because it was where I grew up. Everyone had this old image of who I was, and I wasn’t that anymore. You changed. 


So it was you’re having to completely rewrite the story. And he told me, Hey, man, I’m opening up The Source, St. Pete. If you’re not hurting now, give me a little time. And I guy. I said, Okay, so we kept in touch for about a year and a half. And throughout that year and a half, I got to experience a lot of amazing things, even in Mississippi, which is one of the unhealthiest states in America. 


Luckily, the tribe that I kind of hung out with was very much into fitness, and very health-conscious. But still got into that, so on some amazing things and started gaining traction there and started building the practice there. And of course,  once you surrender that, that’s when I got the call. 


He was, Hey, do so opportunity just opened up. We’re gonna open up another location, I want you to come run it, what do you think? And I was, perfect. Let’s do it. And I was, when do you want me there? He said, four months. I said, Oh, god, okay. Well, I’ll see you in four months.


Was there any hesitation in that or that you know that was coming? 


So you were, I knew it was coming. And I was excited about it. But it kind of came out of nowhere. But I also knew whenever I got the call, I was, dude, you’ve committed to this for the entire time. But as soon as he gave me the call, my first reaction was fear.  And so we kind of talked about that using it for fuel earlier. So this was my first test because it would be, hey you just built this practice. You’re making good money. 


You got a good group, your golf, and now you’re doing all the things you want to do and it’s only going to get better. Do you want to cut this off, or move to a different state? Start over again. and build a practice from where no one. And something just kept telling me it was.


Dude, if you pass this out, you will regret it.  Because I loved who I worked with my other mentor Dr. Clayton Pet, shout out to you, brother. He taught me a lot. And he always kept me under his wing man. So it was a really hard conversation to call him after just a year and a half and say, Hey, I got this opportunity. And I’m gonna take it. 


Because my fiance was working there, too. She’s a chiropractor as well. Okay, so she would be leaving as well. So I took a chance, and I told her, Hey, finish out the year here, I moved down to St. Pete In November, to start training on the source systems, see how everything was run, see how to run a source, and kind of just got thrown into the fire, which is the way. 


But I did that for two months lived with Dr. Dale and down at St. Pete and his wife, Christine, had an amazing experience. And then at the end of the year, Shelby moved down, and we opened up, and here we are over a year and a half, almost a year and a half later. And it’s been incredible.


That’s awesome. 


I love the freedom that chiropractic gives you because, in my eyes, there’s a difference most people think that chiropractic is just the cracks. It’s just the adjustment. It’s not just the adjustment. Chiropractic is a belief system. It’s a way of living And so you have the 33 principles of chiropractic. But the first one is the major premise. And that it’s there’s a Universal Intelligence that permeates all matter. Therefore maintaining its existence. 


So what that means is that there’s a higher power, there’s a spiritual aspect to chiropractic But there’s a higher power that is kind of running things in the background that are out of our control But we also are built with and created with that higher power. And we call that in chiropractic, innate intelligence. And so it was really empowering to me, and this is what I love most about chiropractic is being able to empower other people to take control of their life, but also take control of their health, again, to not have to rely on pharmaceuticals, to not have to rely on things that other people tell them. 


And what I started to realize with chiropractic is that it went a lot deeper than just making your back feel better, your neck feel better taking your headaches away We don’t do any of that, honestly, on a very real sense chiropractors don’t treat anything.


We can do all these different rehab things and modalities, but at the end of the day, the core of chiropractic is showing people how to live a healthier and natural lifestyle without the need for drugs and surgery. 


Granted, those things do have their place. But to live on those every single day. I don’t think they were meant for that at all? So we saw an opportunity, especially with the source to kind of change the perspective of health care, and what it means to heal and be healthy. And we can all do that naturally. So I think that’s what I love most about chiropractic, as well as do the people the people I work with are amazing. 


They’re my family. One is my fiance. But also the people that come into our community because every chiropractic practice is different. So you’re going to attract a certain community. And the way we have things set up, man, we attract an amazing population of ready people. 


You got skin in the game, they’re ready to heal. And the ones that aren’t they they don’t stick around. . So it’s, we hold the standard inside of our practice. And I think that’s really amazing. Because, once again, people go into those waters, the waters of uncertainty and see, okay, I’ve never done this before. 


And this is scary because everybody else has been telling me this one thing that I should go get this surgery, that I should be on this medication. And you’re telling me that I should give my body a chance and give it some time. I’m going to trust you, but I’m nervous about it. 


So it’s cool to help facilitate that and give them peace of mind. And then when when it happens,  in their favour, it’s it’s a huge win. Oh, And that’s one of the most fulfilling things that I think I’ve ever experienced. And I get to experience that daily. So that’s cool. 


Do you think that that mindset around chiropractic care has changed? Or why was it always, and maybe it’s the way they practice back in the day, or however long ago that is, but that, that mindset shift of, because I do see chiropractic care,  becoming more accepted, or people are more more willing to try it now.


People are more willing to try it. I think with the acceptance part, also people are starting to, people are starting to wake up a little bit too, once, I feel once COVID happened. And we saw a lot of people start shooting themselves in the foot by pushing unnecessary vaccines. Big Pharma kinda shows its hand a little bit.


But I think also with the internet access, a lot of people can look stuff up So you can’t just blindly say anything And people accept it, they’ll look it up. And so I think with the new access to the internet, people are starting to see, okay, there is something to this thing. And I also think that there are chiropractors that want to see this population thrive, I think they want to see people kind of break free of this cage that we’ve kind of been locked in. All of it comes from the mind A lot of chiropractic is on mental game.


So it’s not just adjusting people in cinema homes with exercises and rubbing out their muscles, a lot of it is giving them new perspectives and ways to think about things. Because when you can change someone’s perspective, you can change their whole life Because it changes their reactions that change their actions. And it changes they move the way they move, move around every day. 


So I think that’s a big part of it. And I think the reason it’s getting more accepted is that people are starting to experience it for themself I think back in the day.


It’s building momentum, some people have tried it out. And they’re telling their friends and family.


And social media is helping out a lot. And so we’re getting a lot more exposure now. But also people are willing to experience it themselves now. And also, it’s typically the people that have already tried everything else. 


So we’re usually the last resort And so we’re trying to flip that to where we can say, Hey, give your body a chance first. And then if nothing’s happening we can start to go into alternatives and see what’s going on. 


But even when people come in with, as, and we’re their last resort And then all of a sudden, they start to see results or see changes. That’s exciting. And then once you get someone who gets pumped up about something, they’re going to tell people.


I think that’s why it’s gaining traction, too. And at the end of the day, we’re not hurting anyone You would have to be very, you would almost have to have malicious intent or be very careless to seriously injure someone and chiropractic, which I know, the big argument on chiropractic is causing strokes But there’s also studies out there that show, people have strokes checking their rearview mirror, people have strokes sitting in the chair, in front of you doing nothing And if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do in chiropractic. 


You’re not renting out people’s necks all the way torquing them out and causing and putting up massive thrusts it should be very light but very quick, very intentional. So at the end of the day,  it even if it doesn’t work,  it’s no harm no foul quote unquote, for them. 


However, if surgery doesn’t work, or if you get the wrong medication there that could cause serious problems. So I think people are more open-minded now and willing to try a different route. ,


When should someone see a chiropractor?


Day one. If you’re asking me, my personally. Honestly, pain gets a lot of people in the door and that’s what that’s what I tell everyone pain gets a lot of people in the door. It’s when when things aren’t going that’s when People start to look for different options. But for people who have never tried it, I would say, try it. , see what changes for you even if you aren’t in any pain, give it a try. 


You never know what can change because honestly, even on a scientific level, what we’re doing is we’re stimulating parts of the brain that allow the body to become more aware of itself. And so when you become more aware of yourself, internally, you become more aware of your external surroundings as well? 


And that’s where you start to get a reality shift. That’s where you start to change your perspective. And that’s where everything around you starts to shift as well. So I would say, don’t wait until your health goes down the drain, to start getting active on your health. 


And it seems what you’re just saying about, having your brain be aware of your body. Maybe you haven’t tried it, and you are in some discomfort, but your brain is kind of just blocked that out. Because that just how powerful the mind is It just kind of blocks out certain things. And, you don’t think you’re in discomfort, but maybe there is something that could change 100%


I mean, a lot of people start to realize, too, that when you get used to filling in,  crap every day, that’s your new norm? So when you start to change the norm, you’re gonna notice. And there’s a lot of times that people say, oh maybe you adjust someone and you have a really big adjustment. And all of a sudden, people were.


Well, I came into you, I came to you for low back pain. But now, my shoulder hurts or my neck hurts But what we show them through our discovery exam is that your neck has been dysfunctional for a long time. It’s just that the low back took priority for you. As far as the pain scale goes that’s the one that grabbed the most attention. But when you start to bring awareness to the wholeness of you you’re gonna find different areas of pain points that have been there for a long time that you were never even aware of, or had forgotten about.  


I think that’s part of the healing process that’s very important is bringing to the surface, these blind spots. Because if you don’t know something if you’re unaware of something, then you have no power to do anything about it. 


I think that’s what the magic of this is, is starting to bring people’s awareness to Okay. Either this spot that I came in to see you for, is grabbing my attention, it was a little worse than I thought, or there are areas that I didn’t even come in here for that I’m now noticing. 

And yes, they’re grabbing my attention now. But they’re also getting better? Which in turn could and usually does affect the main part, the main thing that they came in with to merge with so, it’s cool, man.

I love that. I love it. You’re so passionate about it, too, dude.

You have to be because you will get eaten alive. If you’re not. A lot of people still don’t go to chiropractors. I think a lot of that is because they’re unaware. And just anything else, you’re going to have good ones, you’re gonna have bad ones, you’re gonna have people that are out there for just the money.

Stepping Our of Your Comfort Zone to Unlock Your True Potential


We have a lot of personal injury, Chiropractic Clinics out there that are just turning and burning and making a lot of cash off of it. But that’s all they see is just people coming in for car accidents And so we’ve had a lot of people coming in on that aspect, too, and have had really bad experiences. So it’s, it’s one of those things, too, is being able to change the narrative of what chiropractic does, and also what chiropractic doesn’t.


So Western medicine can kind of, chill a little bit and think, oh, chiropractors are a bunch of quackery, and they’re trying to be medical doctors. No, we’re not.


I would say principled philosophical chiropractors aren’t trying one bit to be a medical doctors. There’s a big exclusion between what medical doctors do and what chiropractors do and what dentists do And so you have to be passionate about it, just to bring it full circle, you have to be passionate about it because you’re gonna get a lot of shit for it So you have to know your stuff. But you also just have to keep going. 


Because it can be really easy to get disempowered and start doubting what you went to school to do.  And then next thing, you get burned out and you don’t want to do it anymore. So I think just staying on that path and realizing that at the end of the day. 


One, you help a lot of people and you don’t hurt anyone if you’re doing the thing. I can rest easy every night. I believe in that.


And I think that goes well for any profession or whatever it is you’re doing, if you’re doing something well, you’re more mostly going to have some people that disagree with you, or some haters or whatever.  But the ability to just stick with your beliefs in your gut and, and just push through it and do what is powerful.


Absolutely. You have to have thick skin. Because if you let the people that don’t know you personally at all, or people that do get upset with you, and you let it affect you. And especially if you let it get you out of this profession, then you don’t know how many people are missing out on something special So it’s just bringing yourself back to okay. 

It’s really easy to pay attention to the hate. And kind of push aside all the love that you get every single day And so if you let that overtake you, then it’s gonna spiral you down, and then all of a sudden you forget about all the wins that you’ve facilitated for people, the life changes that you’ve helped facilitate for people and all the gratitude that your community has given to you. And they don’t deserve that. . . And so just show up for them. 


Because  Danny said, If you don’t have haters, you’re not talking louder. And so that kind of helps shift my perspective, too. I think that’s especially a young doctor coming out of school, you’re still trying to figure it out. And you’re still trying to figure yourself out. 


What this chiropractic thing is you get taught about it in school, but you don’t know until you start to experience it. And, so they’re in a very vulnerable time. If they get talked out of that or get talked down a certain route, then all of a sudden, they realize that they’re completely out of alignment, and then they just don’t enjoy it anymore. 


And that’s tragic. That’s terrible. So I wrote down a couple of stats, and some of them, you kind of touched on a little bit already, but I’ll read them off. And then you can just react to them, whatever. But number one is that 35 million Americans see a chiropractor. I think that was every year. So 35 million. I don’t know how many people we have in the United States. But a large number I’m I’d be curious to know if that’s growing are more people seeing chiropractors than in the past?


I would be curious to know that too. And I don’t know how many people are in the US. But I know it’s a lot more than that. we still have a lot of room to grow. 


But even that, I would also be curious to see if that’s 35 million visits or 35 million independent visuals. . individual cases. But regardless, I mean, that’s still it’s a decent number, but it’s still we have a lot of room that we can grow in. And I think it’s going to grow every single year. I do.


So this is the other one that you hit on this, but  40. People aged 44, or 45 to 64 are most ly to visit a chiropractic clinic.  that’s the most popular age range. That’s usually about the time that they’ve fallen off, they’ve already tried everything. . . One thing that’s very interesting, especially with our community at the source, is we’re getting a lot younger crowd, so


When I looked up the website, and I looked at all the doctors, I’m, wow, it’s everybody in here it is which not everyone’s young, but it’s a much younger crowd. And I think you’re going to attract what you are essentially.


And so we are a young group. But I also think that people see especially we appeal to the younger crowd a lot more because they see that we’re doing things differently. ,  even the way the space is set up the music that we listen to the way that we talk about energy the way that we talk about mindset and the way that we even adjust it’s very different than what most people see on the internet. So it’s very attractive to a younger population, which is great because they get to start before that age group which is usually where the wheels fall off.


So by the time they hit that, they’re already in it. And they’re already noticing, dude, I’m dealing with nothing compared to what my friend group is who’s in that range And then all of a sudden, they can be, hey, you need to try this out. 


But I do think with that age range, that that’s typically the time where hormones start to change. Over time, I mean, you got 45 years’ worth of wear and tear on the body. And if you’re not taking care of that it’s going to start to talk back to you. , tremendously. So a lot of people wait. And I think that’s another reason that age ranges that is a lot of people start to wait to do things proactively for their health. But they’ve also tried everything else Medications not working. It’s got all the side effects. They’ve been rundown, they’ve been on medications for 20-plus years.


They might have had multiple surgeries already. And their back still hurts Multiple nerve ablations, whatever it is. And so they’re just trying something different. And that’s usually the age group where that’s their last resort, we’re the last resort. So I think it’s really important, especially with us to reach out to the younger group, so they don’t get to that point and make it the last resort. Yep.


That makes sense. So the last one here, says, that Americans are more ly to say chiropractic care is safer than back surgery or pain, pain, mountains, meds, or pain medication.


Well, let’s think about that. Surgery and medication are pharmaceutical drugs. Let’s talk let’s say that it’s very intrusive, especially surgery, you’re getting cut open, you’re usually getting hardware put in or you’re getting things cut out of you and cleared out and there is a time and a place for that. Don’t get me wrong. 


I mean, just from common sense,  chiropractic is way safer than. Unless you’re just coming off the top ropes on Port Irene over there, who’s 90 years old, and you’re just blasting through her thoracic spine. If you’re doing the thing, chiropractic is extremely safe, which is why we see ages from nine days old to 92 years old. And granted, they get adjusted differently I think that’s what makes chiropractic so cool, too. It’s very dynamic. 


Every person gets their adjustment,  if what you’re doing, because you’re connecting to each unique individual, but far safer. And I mean, we all know with medications, you’re going to have side effects And so those can affect everything It’s not just going to it’s kind of a give and take if you’re taking something for your blood pressure, or you’re taking a muscle relaxer. While we know muscle relaxers, one of the side effects too is constipation. 


And then all of a sudden, if your gut health goes down the drain so do your hormones, because most of your serotonin is produced from the gut And then all of a sudden, you fall into a depression or you get anxiety. And now your emotions are out of whack. , which affects your day-to-day life.  So I would say it’s a lot safer.


I don’t think people realize that last point you made how everything is everything in the body is tied together Everything affects each little component of the way our body operates.


Absolutely every major organ, we got to start looking at the body as a whole, we tend to break it up into parts and say, oh take this for your heart, take this for your liver, but everything is connected in your body. You can look up any anatomy book and see that whether it be blood vessels, nerves or whatever it is, everything is connected. 


So everything is going to take a hit if one one organ isn’t doing its job, or it’s falling behind or overactive then all the other organs are going to have to do their interest. They’re going to have to adjust to that. And so you’re impacting the whole human instead of just this part.



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