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Palm Harbor Local Podcast | Recapping Our Last Year

What’s up Palm Harbor, we are back for another episode. And this time, we are going to be highlighting three of our most downloaded episodes this year. As we kind of revisit those and highlight these business owners. I feel this sense of pride as we look back and see how far we have come these last 2 years. From growing to almost 1k followers and all the while making sure that local businesses in Palm Harbor get the love they deserve.


Recapping Our Last Year


How Palm Harbor Has Changed Over The Years | Rob Goetz

Our first clip is going to be with Rob Goetz who is the owner of Paradise Flooring Solutions right here in Palm Harbor.  Once you meet Rob, he’s just one of those good people and someone you know you are lucky to be around.

One thing that stood out to me when I first met him was just his story of overcoming his own personal challenges. Also, the willingness to openly share the challenges that he’s gone through and how to overcome them is something you don’t want to miss.

So as I said, Rob is just an awesome guy and someone you want to know better.

Ready to get inspired? Listen to Rob’s full episode here.

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Restoring Houses Into a Place You Love to Call Home | Linda Boosinger

The next guest that we’re going to be highlighting is Linda Boosinger, who is the owner of Restoration & Design Professionals, LLC. If you’re looking to remodel or redesign your own space, then you definitely need to reach out to Linda.

The work that she does is it’s hard to put into words. What she does with a home, her attention to detail,  unique design style is pretty awesome to see.

Fun fact: This episode was actually recorded in her home, which is an old historic home that she completely remodeled and added to in downtown Dunedin. So if you’ve seen any of the restored historic homes in downtown Dunedin, you can imagine what this one is like.

But like I said, if you are looking to redesign a space or remodel a home, then check out Restoration & Design Professionals, LLC

Ready to feel artsy and creative? Listen to Linda’s full episode here.

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Raising the Next Generation of Leaders | Kristy Moody

So our last guest that we’re highlighting in this episode is Kristy Moody who is the owner of Acton Academy Palm Harbor which is a private school in Palm Harbor.

Now, when we recorded the episode with Kristy she was still in the planning phases of Acton Academy Palm Harbor and has not opened her doors yet. They’ve since opened their doors in August for their first school year, catering to 4 to 16 years of age.

Kristy is just a great human, great person to know. With her vast experience in all different levels of education, different school systems, and different career positions she is the perfect person to start and run a private school in Palm Harbor.  Also, her ability to recognize that something wasn’t right with the current system that she was in and actually doing something to change it is what really impressed me about her.

Just to give a quick background about Acton Academy Palm Harbor. It is one of these schools that includes free time devoted to the arts, nature, and the exploration of individual interests and talents. A place that values the space needed for individual genius to develop and grow.

Ready to fill in the gaps and know more about Kristy and her passion for honing individual talents among children?  Listen to Kristy’s full episode here.

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