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Pablo Arnaud | How to Keep Your Home Safe

Investing in the integrity and structure of your home or building is a must! Take it from our guest today, Pablo Arnaud who has been in the construction and home inspection business for over two decades now. He is a native of Puerto Rico but has gained the majority of his experience working on large projects at Disney in Orlando.

With the vast amount of experience and expertise that he is bringing to the Palm Harbor local community, this episode with Pablo is something you don’t want to miss.

How His Career in Construction Started 

Pablo’s journey goes all the way back to Puerto Rico where he started building big restaurants for big fast food chains. Mind you, he was still in college back then, getting his civil engineering degree. This experience lead him to expand his horizon to build residential homes in Florida. While the crash of 2008 was changing residential real estate, Pablo grabbed an opportunity at Disney and he grew his experience into commercial projects. A few years after that, he became a director of projects for Universal, Orlando and was in-charge of budget planning and developing costs.

Pablo, realizing he was missing being near the ocean was ready for a change. His wife, a school teacher eyed Palm Harbor Florida and thought that it would be a great place for them to call home. After that, in 2022, Pablo handed his two-week notice to Universal, Orlando. He then decided to build his business here in Palm Harbor Area. Arna Construction was born to help with home renovations and home inspections.

Starting His Business From Scratch

With Pablo’s previous experience, one can easily presume that he would have an advantage when starting his own business. That might be true, but there is still a learning curve and no guarantees when building a business. With his business kicking off in 2020, Pablo’s previous experience helps him manage to challenges that come along with owning a business.

Pablo is a General Contractor himself and along with his experience helps him solve problems that come up. He values his role as the home inspector. Pablo enjoys being able to understand the buyer and what their goals are for the home.

What he enjoys most about his business

Aside from keeping his clients satisfied and leaving him top-of-mind. Pablo always stresses the importance of hiring someone in the field with a license to do the job. With the recent hurricane season, surely Palm Harbor Area is a place where you want to build structurally sounds homes. .

Favorite Spots in Palm Harbor

One of the things he love the most when his family moved was Three Rooker Island where he loves the water, boats, and people. To add, he also loves the weather and the beaches in the area. Who doesn’t, right!?

Connected with Pablo and his team: 


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