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Navigating Real Estate Shifts: Expert Advice from Matt Vigh

In this episode of Palm Harbor Local, we are thrilled to have Matt Vigh again. Matt shares his valuable insights on the ever-evolving world of real estate, emphasizing the significance of trust, relationship-building, and personal growth. Join us as we delve into his experiences and stories that have shaped his perspective on this dynamic field.

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So Matt Vigh. Welcome back for Episode Two.

Love it and appreciate it Super grateful.

I’m excited too, obviously, we’ve had a ton of conversations on real estate and with our backgrounds and and your background. And so I’m excited to kind of just do it again and see where it goes. So for the people that are listening just kind of go over your start in real estate and how you got into that and your career and just so they can understand how much knowledge you have around that.

So, I got into real estate in the late ’90s bought a company that owned it sold it to a big to a really big company. And then and then worked there for about 10 years and then came to be closer to family and Tampa and and came to work for another big company and ran an office that ended up being the top office in that Franchise Group on a top 25 company big deal.

So just love doing it love being around people and then just kind of evolved to who I wanted my audience to be as far as what I wanted to contribute and who I wanted to who I wanted to help. And that’s my kind of that’s how I kind of ended up where I am.

And so now you are coaching and helping educate brokers kind of across the country and doing what you’ve done the last 2025 years?

The word coaching? So it’s accurate. But it’s the word prospecting? A lot of times when you talk to people about the coaching they’ve got this preconceived notion that it’s that it’s me saying Al let’s be on our two o’clock call and did you make your phone calls? And here are the two things that you need to know and work on this. And I’ll see.

And I’ll see you next week at four o’clock. It’s what that’s how a lot of people look at look at coaching   I can’t tell you how far that is from what we do. And and so but it’s not consulting either? And so it’s about helping people grow. So you can absolutely call it coaching but it just doesn’t fall into that same category. I think that the business world is evolving beyond that hopefully of what coaching used to be.

Because we’ve got a podcast that that’s pretty well listened to. And   I’d be willing to bet that we give out a lot on that podcast that’s a lot more than a lot of what people do from a what people offer from a coaching standpoint. And that’s not just us there are a lot of great people giving out a lot of great information. It’s just so easy to get that information now.

Now what we do is we put people in a position where they can collaborate with others who are going through what they go through and there is an element of accountability to it but it really is about just taking responsibility for your own growth is what it’s really about. But that’s hard to say. And a couple of words. 

So coaching is coaching in the business sense the business world or a personal development coach has that is is that something’s new and becoming more of a more desirable more popular thing to use than it was 20 years ago.

And there are a lot of people in the space so Dr. Ben and I kind of jokingly call call some people new rooms instead of gurus. And they had a little bit of success on one thing and the next thing they’re an expert on everything.  ChatGPT hasn’t helped that now and it hasn’t heard it it’s not chat GPT is faultless don’t blame AI.

But it’s it’s helped. It’s helped cover some of those things. And there’s a lot of people in that space now. Because a lot of people have been told you don’t have to do anything in order to be in that space you just had to have a certain amount of success.

I love it. As long as people give full disclosure on what it is that they’re offering I think it’s fantastic. But to say that you’re that you’re an expert on something or a guru or a coach or whatever just because you succeeded in one part of things.  it’s really not fair to the person especially if they’re paying you to say that for you not to really understand collectively what it is that you’re promising that you can deliver.

And the big picture to have, whatever industry that you’re coaching in. I think that’s one thing it’s all kind of in I’ve talked to Ben about this before but in real estate in order to step for me personally in order to take that next step out of being a realtor and selling real estate and helping others do that. 
I feel   I have to have a certain level of success and prove it to myself before I can do something that.

There’s a very real thing called impostor syndrome. And that’s whenever someone is scared to contribute because they’re afraid that they’re not really complete enough in order to continue that way. And I know it’s super real because, of course, I had it. And I was hey is this really the space that I want to be in?

Do I really know enough about this? And then I started just kind of compiling how we would do the things that we would do. And it was pretty apparent that there was a decent amount that we could contribute to other people who were trying to grow their company from a recruiting retention per agent productivity standpoint.  ,

So in your previous episode, we talked more about business and what you’re doing with Broker Premier podcast and coaching and stuff. I want to dive into more of the real estate side of this. So let’s start with market shifts you’ve been through a few of them.

I’ve kind of gone through I’m more in the middle of one now. So kind of going through it and learning as we go along. But what happens during the market shift? What are some trends maybe from a real estate agent’s perspective? And then also a public perspective?

So the real estate agent’s perspective and the public’s perspective do not believe that they are at the same pace or at the same on the same page because they’re not the public’s perception of what’s going on is not the same as the agent’s perception as well as what’s going on. So I know that’s not what you’re trying to say that’s more me talking to the audience. There are real estate agents listening to it please understand the public does not know the same things that is okay. They’re not going through the same things you’re going through it is different you are seeing this from a different perspective your job is to help them understand that perspective.

That way they can make informed decisions about that. Okay. So my name is Matt I’ve been through a market shift stand up and say it. So the couple of them. And and the truth is we talked about this all the time the market is always shifting it. So it’s not standing there stagnant there’s always something going on. And so in in what we do we get to talk to a lot of brokers and real estate agents. So we’ve got a Thursday mastermind that is geared towards real estate agents every Thursday at 12 o’clock absolutely free agents can can jump can jump in there and talk and learn and share and collaborate and all that. Well part of what we talk to them about is what’s going on with the market but more importantly, how do you share that message about what’s going on in the market?

More importantly, how do you get that to the people that you really want to help if you’re we’re really big on relationship-based sales? And so if you want to have a good relationship with the people that are the people that you’re serving through through your database and your sphere of influence whatever it starts with trust.

And they have to know what’s going on with the market they have to know that you understand what it is that’s that that is going to impact them and their financial situation based on whether they’re buying or selling buying or selling houses. And so they gotta be able to trust you. And so to us, that’s a big point to get everybody together and talk about that the agents come on and Thursdays we said and we and they share it.

The important part is if you’re an agent and you’re sitting in that talking to everybody from around the country about what it is that they see that’s going on in the market as soon as you get done with that call. We tell them to go to social media reach out on social media and say Hey I was just on a mastermind. Somebody from California was talking about this and somebody from Maine was talking about this and somebody from Florida was talking about this. If you’re not sure how that impacts what you’re doing reach out to me and let me know.

That gives you something very real very relevant that allows you To share with your customers that build that trust because you’re trying to help yourself grow by being in an environment that allows you to not just understand that houses are selling and put a sign-out front but helps you understand that you’re in a business. That is they should be engaging people to help them at a different level.

And then and then you come off as the expert, ? Because you’re gathering knowledge from so many other people and sources and everything and then it builds that trust.

Absolutely. You’re building yourself and you’re sharing it with other people. Yep, it kind of goes back to that to that new thing we were talking about.   if you haven’t built yourself what are you sharing with other people again that you share being you I’m gonna say and don’t share being you that journey that journey. I love that.

But make sure that what you’re sharing with other people is based on what you have grown yourself. And people that people want to be people want to be part of that. They are part of that journey with you. They share that and good people will tell other people to work with you simply because of that.

I agree. So let’s talk about interest rates. And I want to specifically ask you about the one thing I’ve been I’ve kind of mentioned on my social media platforms a few different times because interest rates have increased drastically since kind of the COVID times or whatever.  so we’re we’re up around 7%  now. The media?

They’re harping on the interest rates the interest rate the interest rate at the end of the day the interest rate doesn’t affect the the consumer. They’re buying property based on what they can afford on that mortgage payment. So why is it? How do we transition the the focus to be off of interest rates and that mortgage payment how long how much can we afford?

So everything is relative. Okay. So if somebody told me   I’m really worried about the interest rate I’d say Oh so you don’t have any credit cards? Because what’s the interest rate on your credit card?   I love it. It’s that 0%? But if you missed half a month’s payment 12 months ago you’ve got 27.94% or whatever it is? You got some ridiculous interest rate on there.

That’s always outpacing the house. And the difference is that is on borrowed money that is in debt and people are accepting of that. But they’re not accepting of something that’s going to build equity at the pace that a home is common.

That is a  matter of them not understanding completely what is going on. Because if somebody said oh well interest rates are too high for me to buy now. You could I mean the simple way to handle that is property values are still going up especially where we are Palm Harbor. Rock on baby. 

So interest rates are interest rates at where they are but values are still in values are still increasing? If you’re comfortable with a credit card at 27% which is money you’ve already spent how are you not comfortable with a house at 7%?

That is going to increase and make you money at the same time you’re paying it down. If you talk to people about how I am  I’m just super direct. I get most of my audience can appreciate my directness, sir. Okay. An agent can’t be that direct talking to the public.   I’m not gonna go on social media and say it quite that. You’re gonna soften it a little bit. But the point is it’s all relative.

Take a look around. Are you in a place where property values are appreciated? Fantastic that 7%? Yes, you’re paying more than you would at 5% and 4% or three or whatever it is. Yes, you’re paying more you’re paying more at that. But properties are still appreciating real estate is still a good investment. It’s still something that is especially with a lot of the purchasing that’s going on with buyers and l buyers and all that kind of stuff all of that is impacting how people own homes and how people are going to be renting.

Now is an extremely good time to be purchasing a house. But you have to understand how to explain it to people to make them see that it is all relative. And what they’re willing to do is be conditioned maybe by other people that are acting it’s not a good idea because the people are giving information. It’s the media, not the journalists talking about the  big difference between media and the journalist

I agree. And I think that’s it just education. And that’s that’s our role as as Realtors is to help educate the consumers and people that we work with.  

I don’t care about them educate them. You would not educate your kids now.   You want to educate and of course, why would you have people in your sphere of influence that you didn’t say you care about that you want to help them with? This was such a big purchase and did not educate

And there’s gonna be some of them that absorb it and have that aha moment. And some of them don’t. And it’s just part of it. But what about the entry into real estate? Something I’ve thought about a lot? So getting your license and we touched on this before but there’s not a lot of education around running a successful real estate business. Has education changed it getting your license is again gotten any better? 

I think I think it’s changed. So pre-license is basically and we’ve talked about this before getting your real estate license it’s just about testing you on the objective things that they can test you on.   the subjective things are what are what make you money.

The subjective things are business. And so they have a hard time testing you on those things? Because? Because there’s not a wrong answer. In that situation. You’re on objective things. There’s a wrong answer.

Are you following state law? Did you do some stupid and illegal? Are you going to real estate jail?   What is that objective?  Subjective is did you buy leads from Facebook? Or did you cultivate leads from your social media yourself?  then? So there’s a difference? It’s the same but different. And so. So   I think there’s more education out there. But that’s only because there’s so much more education out there.  So it’s not just it’s real estate? So somebody can go to YouTube and learn a tremendous amount about whatever they want to learn a tremendous amount about. And so this allows people to be as good at business as they want to be. There’s not a shortage of how to be great.

In business that is really good information on YouTube. Now there’s crap out there you gotta have your filter on. But there’s there’s good information out there about it. And so your question was has it changed? Has it evolved? Has it gotten has it gotten better?

I think it has gotten better because the people who want an education now really have a place where they can go get it. It’s not the brokerage. I’d love for it to be their brokerage and their brokerage is going to help them with objective things.  . But the subjective things are where it’s a little bit different.

That’s where you have to go find specifically what is ailing you and go get the solution of what’s ailing you based on what you need to take your business to that next step. There’s going to be a big umbrella that helps you out but there’s going to be small pieces that keep you warm while the rains not getting going down your back.

That makes sense. ?   that’s that’s any business that you get into? It’s kind of the same thing as that. It’s not here how to start a business in this field. So 80% of businesses are the same. It’s just different 20% trade to trade.

Navigating Real Estate Shifts: Expert Advice from Matt Vigh

Do you see the brokerages evolving at all in helping agents on the business side? Or are they more focused on what they’ve been focused on?  

So saying brokerages is a broad brush? Some brokerages have done this really well for a long time. It’s a small it’s a small minority of them. Okay. And then some agents have done it really well themselves and went out and found it themselves.

Again that’s a small medium-sized minority or majority. But as far as collectively the brokerage the brokerage industry as a whole No they haven’t. . And the reason why they and the reason why they haven’t is because they just can’t. There are a lot of other things they are running a business at the same time.

What you’re basically saying is hey can you run your business while you’re teaching me how to run my business? And then you start talking to the person and they walk off into the sunset and somebody else says Hey can you teach me how to run?? Okay. That’s weren’t you were just so so that makes it difficult? And they’re independent contractors so you can talk to them about it but you can’t tell them what they need to do. Okay, that makes it difficult.

So there are a lot of things that make it hard on the broker. Now with that being said my opinion is the broker should offer it let everyone who wants to So a great example in this kind of applies to what we were talking about a little bit earlier too.

A rescue swimmer gets in the water and goes to the person that’s closest to them. They do not swim past somebody to go get somebody else.  because they swim past them.

Buddy and something go wrong and then they lose everybody. So they go to the one that’s willing to willing to have help or that they’re fortunate enough that they’re close enough that they’re close enough to? Being a real estate broker is the same way. ? Don’t think that you have to run out and help everyone and go try to help the people that want the least amount of help and try to bring them to you.   go ahead and help the ones that are there that really want to do that.

So if you’re a real estate broker that’s how that that’s how to look at it. If you’re a real estate agent. Look at it the same way. But just think about it from an investor standpoint. I’ve got a I’ve got a funny funny tax. I just saw Dr. Ben this morning.   I got a phone call yesterday I get one maybe two a week of this. Okay. So really a real estate investor saying hey if you come across a property that’s an off-market property and you get these. 

I’m gonna kind of critique it a little bit and I’m gonna tell them what they’re doing wrong. Because if they want to be more effective they’ll listen. If not whatever. I had fun.   Pointing out what you’ve screwed up. So he called and said gives gave his spiel and everything and I said   I said if I come across something   I do that. I said but can you mind if I ask you a question? He goes No go ahead. And I said I said so. Do you want me to send these properties to you? Or should I send it to you and all the other people that have asked?

And of course, what did he say to me? Send it to me. And I said I said Okay I said   I’ll keep that in mind. I said I gotta I gotta get on a call. But just text me your information whatever. And so he texts me his information. And I’ll tell you exactly what I say. Because it’s pretty fun. And I’ve got a point behind all this. So bear with us. If you don’t know Matt’s like to tell stories. 

Oh. Everything’s a story to me. So I’m from Georgia. Oh, so he says hey thanks Matt for taking your time. Here’s the best email please keep me in mind for any off-market properties you come across. I pay all cash and can close as quickly as your sellers would and love to work together.

Literally, get the same text. Same exact text. They all get the same class. I said so what is it that you offer? That’s a benefit to me of why I should send the property to you instead of the other 10 investors that reached out to me because so in this in this situation if this guy would have said what that’s a great question. I’m not sure.

What do you think  I would have covered this dude up with what I would have helped? I would have done everything I could to help them completely. ? Because at that point he’s somebody who wants to grow. I’m not going to stop somebody from growing. I want to I want to be part of that. But he responds back with a higher finder fee with a little money bag.

And so I couldn’t let that go. So yesterday after that. I said if I bring you a property before it goes to the open market that’s not a finder’s fee. I’m a real estate professional. It’s my commission. I’m a real estate professional. That is a commission because I’m doing my job. I said and what is higher by the way question Mark? Because he didn’t even answer that hasn’t responded.

So this morning I sent them a picture uh with three little crickets. And my point on that is to have fun with sales,? Oh, but I want to help if that dude would have come back and said  I sound like every other investor I want to stand out. How do I stand out? I could have told him things that would have helped him that would have helped him stand out.   I would have said things when you called me why don’t you offer me the opportunity to do some open houses while you’re while you’re flipping your property? That’s a benefit to me.

So the people that come to your house and 123 Main Street that they don’t buy? Tell me that you’re gonna keep me in the loop on those people. And if they don’t buy 123 Main Street you’re gonna let me know because I might have something else that’s coming up for them.   

Tell me that there’s something other than you’re going to pay me for doing my job which I get from anybody that I do my job with the way. Could have helped him and I promise that I could have helped him shape a conversation that he would have come across better to other real estate agencies calling he would do more business. If he would just slow down. And honestly answer. But for them. It’s a number transaction. 

Yep. It’s all transactional. And I get that and rock on. I love that.

But he’s going to he’s going to at some point he’s going to respond back to me because I’m on his tickler to reach back out to ya. And I’ll give it a day and then I’m gonna send him three crickets. Just because I want the relationship. And the people that want the relationship  I’m willing to do whatever I can do.

And I think that the difference is just it’s having that open communication and being willing and able and wanting to learn.

Absolutely, that growing. You’re growing and sharing it with other people.

So what is what’s what’s something if somebody is looking to get into real estate? Or they’re looking to make that leap into being a broker? Maybe they are a real estate agent? What are some a tip or a piece of advice you have for them? To kind of set their mindset in the place?

So it’s mindset and skill set.  Every day check your motivation and momentum. Every day just take a look at it. So we do it without we don’t with our clients and we do it with the people that we come in contact with we always ask everybody what’s on a scale of one to five five being the highest.

Tell me about your motivation momentum. And motivation is a mindset. Momentum is a skill set are you executing. And so many times we’ll have people go Oh my motivation is high I really need to do whatever but  I’ve had a rough day this month whatever.

And so my momentum is here. Imagine that everybody that you’re that you’re around that you’re connected with if you could quickly get that in from all your staff all the whoever you’re dealing with if you could just quickly get that understanding of where they all are.

Somebody that’s having a bad day. And you go in and ask them hey can I get this? Or is that done? Or is it whatever and all that kind of stuff? And you don’t know what kind of day they’re at?  And checking in with everybody and saying Hey let’s tell me where you motivation. And momentum is an important thing.

So you can kind of grade or figure out what the next part of your conversation needs to be. Well, that starts with you. Check your own motivation and momentum on a regular basis write a post that is an AMA post write it down in a post every day and see how it’s trending.  

I mean I would start with absolutely I would start with that from just from just a basic simple easy to easy today. Absolutely.  ,

That reminds me of Rob Dyrdek. I’ve listened to a bunch of his stuff. And he’s he’s big on personal personal development and tracking all that stuff. And one of the things he does is I think it’s at the end of the day he checks in how did I feel today?

How did I feel about today or something that and he rates it one to 10 and then he’s able to go back and look back? And what triggered that? Why was today a bad day? So it’s that’s such a vibe being able to check in with yourself. Take five minutes to check in with yourself. And doing that is such a that’s it’s a great life hack.

Absolutely.  And take along that long line if you’re if you truly check in with yourself my motivation is a five but my momentum is a two. Don’t what to work on then? And then at the end of the day you go back and you go my motivation is still high but my momentum is still a to-do did you not work on what you needed to work on? What got you off track? What got you to a place where you’re where you were the day you started? Is the day you ended with?

Because it’s your days gone? You invest in something. So that gives you that chance to be able to do that. So absolutely I would I would start with that. And then the other thing is agents need to understand that the tools and systems or broker that starting a brokerage the tools and systems that you use matter. So   I love Calendly and Canva. Canva is probably my favorite gotta have gotta have a CRM have to have some way of being on social media consistently that is authentically you. All of those things regardless of the business you’re in all of those things are a must.

I love that. And I want to ask you what is the if I want to say worst real estate story but terrible? Maybe a bad experience you had in real estate or one of your agents had in real estate?


There have been some bad ones. So there’s been truly life bad things.  There’s been that kind of stuff. And then there’s been things that have gone wrong and all that kind of thing. And then there’s been lawsuits and all that.

For most of my career, the most that I talked to my agents about was when something went wrong when things are going they really don’t want to talk to me. There’s there’s just keep doing what you’re doing.   and keep rolling. ? There’s all of that but as far as me and one that sticks with me it bothered me.   I had and this is not the this is not one I’ll tell you the in just a second but just to put it all in perspective.   I met an 85-year-old couple the husband drove out to move somewhere close where he could be near the water.

They were kind of end of life and he came out he had sold his house. They were the Packers in four days the Packers were going to be packing his house he drove out to where we were because as a kid he remembers being there and wanting to be on that type of water comes out and went into a couple of other real estate office and everybody was trying to set an appointment the next day to help them and all that. Nobody listened to the dude. And we sat down to listen to him. And he was basically hey my wife is back home seven hours away. I have to drive back either tonight or tomorrow morning to be to be back. I need to see some I need to see some houses.

I saw this one in a real estate book. I’d to see that one if it’s available. I mean this is an old guy.  . And he’s talking about serious things. So we sat down and talked and I said the first thing I said you want to go get something to eat. And he’s   I’m starving. And so we go and we go and get something to eat. And he tells me more about who he is and all that kind of stuff. And then he realizes he doesn’t have his clothes. He left his suitcase at home. So I take them to Walmart. And so he wants to buy some clothes he buys some clothes at WalMart. We look at some houses he’s going to come back after they pack the truck with his wife.

And they’re going to look at a house that’s not in my town. But in   40 minutes away from town because a friend of mine had something that was more than the price point that he wanted. And so she sent him a bunch of information. Long story short I did not end up getting the sale. But I drove him back seven hours to take him to his house because he was exhausted and get him. The people pack up.

He and his wife get back in the car and we drive back now I would kill my agent for doing that. Okay. Understand. Ours. With that being said they were just in over their depth.   the house was sold. They had they had no family to they had no family to speak there was a son who was in jail.

And for the most part, they were just on their own. And so they ended up buying something   40 minutes away or something that. I think I got a referral fee off of and so so there’s a lot that’s happened in real estate.

And so but I would not consider that a bad story. I’d consider that a great story for sure. Because of how it worked out. But as far as a bad story bad when that happened. I had I had two preachers okay. One was the nicest he was he was just retired from the military and was going to be teaching it was going to be preaching at a small church on my little barrier islands.

I’m from Georgia and I mentioned it from that from the barrier islands he was going to be he was going to be on one little church on that nicest guy you’ve ever met. Just an incredible guy. The preacher that we were buying from was an absolute dirtbag. And and so but they were both preachers.  . . And and so it was for sale by the owner they saw it a friend of theirs heard about it they wanted to see it I showed up the guy didn’t want to do a property disclosure statement and didn’t know why I was involved didn’t this doesn’t add them. Look you’re not paying me anything.   I’m getting paid from these folks these buyers.

They   your house they d the fact that you’re a pastor and you’re buying it. And he was just we battled the entire way through the whole transaction. At one point I was   I thought this was a bad idea. And the buyer that I was working with was   We love the house. I’m it’s a long way away. There’s blah blah blah feeling about all these reasons why all these warning signs. And and they were just they’re   No we’re just moved to buy this house.

And I’m okay two weeks after they move in. Oh, they got a yard well collapses. And the good people come out. And they’re talking to the guy and they were oh we the other guy that had this house we talked to him a month ago told them that this wall was about to collapse.

And he wanted us to just he told us to do whatever we could to band aid and so they put a bigger pump on the well. So it was pouring pulling more water out whatever it was just to write and so we go through all that and then the wife is in the shower and carpenter and start falling through the light on her on the shower.

Just absolutely disastrous situation. And so I reach out to the to the other guy and I’m hey look there’s some things clearly that are not whatever. And he’s you can talk to my attorney.  And so that to me was that was that was somebody hiding behind something that the other people were relying on?   

What I’m saying? And that broke my heart. I didn’t I didn’t really care for that. They were really really good people. I  d them. I  d them. A lot stayed very much in touch with them the other people that sold the house. I was just, why people? 

Real estate makes people do some crazy crazy things you can go to every single realtor and they all have absolutely a difficult story. It’s something similar in that capacity that’s happened to them.

But on top of it there’s there’s a lot of great stories I happen to you mentioned too. 

I gotta ask you one more question before Palm Harbor you live in Palm Harbor? What’s your favorite spot in Palm Harbor?

Oh, so we’re across from John Chestnut. So we’re across the street from that. But my wife and I wouldn’t consider us foodies. We’re more drinkies we’d love to. We’d love to just go sit at the bar. Or to the special, have one drink. Talk to whoever is around us. And just call it a call him tonight.

We love that and so Palm Harbor has so many places to do that. There are just so many cool places to eat and so many cool venues to eat. And because we don’t want to go in something that looks the exact same. I mean it’s gonna sound bad but it’s not really about the food. I mean it can’t be bad food. But it’s not really about the food. It’s about the atmosphere.

It’s about the environment. It’s about being able to just take a breath and relax and be somewhere with other people who are enjoying being with being around people. And there’s a lot of that in Palm Harbor. Palm Harbor is an incredible place for that. Anybody that’s trying to find that should take a serious look at they should call you and take a serious look at Palm Harbor for sure.

It’s cool. It’s a great community, the people and stuff you mentioned going out and just being able to talk to people and stuff. It’s really cool.




Stroll through the laid-back streets of the Palm Harbor community with this informative podcast, proudly brought to you by Donnie Hathaway with The Hathaway Group, your trusted guide and local expert in navigating the diverse and ever-changing property landscape of Palm Harbor.

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