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Monica & Patrick Bengston | How The HealthCare System is Evolving

How convenient is it to have someone treat you in the comfort of your own home without ever having to wait long hours to get to your doctor’s appointment? Even getting all that attention and care you’ve been wanting that you cannot get because the number of other patients? I know it can be daunting to wait and never get the healthcare you deserve. Thanks be to Monica and Patrick of  Urgent House Calls and their passion for care they’ve established this almost “mobile-on-demand” hospital for almost all (well not all, we are putting a disclaimer on that) of your healthcare needs.

Monica and Patrick’s career before they founded Urgent House Calls 

Monica grew up in a military family which then lead their family to live from one place to another. She was always observant of how healthcare is in different parts of the country. Monica started working as a First Responder and eventually paved her way to becoming an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner alongside Patrick. Patrick on the other hand has over 12 years of experience being a firefighter, paramedic and has seen how urgent healthcare works.

The Gap in the Healthcare system

Both Monica and Patrick saw the ever-changing needs of patients when it comes to their healthcare. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. People would not want to be around other sick people in the hospitals or emergency rooms. People are now wanting the convenience of having health care in the comfort of their home. Driven by their passion to deliver exemplary care to their patients, Monica and Patrick thought that having urgent care operations in a patient’s home could have huge potential.

While their competition relies on the telemedicine industry, they brilliantly contested that having someone (real healthcare practitioners) come and examine you at the comfort of your own home is more effective. Both made clear that their practice has its own limitations too. They even mentioned that once they assess a patient and their clinical judgment says it is more appropriate for them to be treated in a healthcare facility then that is something that they let their patients know.

The Service They Provide 

Urgent House Calls and their group of healthcare professionals provide services ranging from health assessments, basic suturing, rapid testing, IV therapy, and mobile X-rays. To know more about their expanding services, visit their website at www.urgenthousecallsfl.com  or give them a quick call at 727-754-0269. Urgent House Calls team makes initial assessments to see if your case is emergent which requires an ER visit or a non-emergent, which they can take care of immediately.


Monica & Patrick Bengston | How The HealthCare System is Evolving


Challenges they have as starting business owners

As any healthcare service provider who is trained to provide care, Monica and Patrica’s challenge is on the billing side of the business. Mixing the payment process with the healthcare provider is not something they prefer to do. So moving forward, they have decided to hire someone or enhance their online payment modalities.

They also shared the hurdles of securing permits when they were first starting their business. They utilized the time in between to conceptualize their business and plan on their next steps in improving their processes.

If you think you are someone who would benefit from Urgent House Calls services, call them at 727-754-0269 or visit their website www.urgenthousecallsfl.com to book a reservation.