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Mastering Insurance and Sourdough

In this episode, we sit down with Andrew Mellon, to explore the intricate world of insurance. Andrew shares his inspiring journey of starting a career in insurance amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the importance of resilience and adaptability in navigating uncertain times. Throughout the discussion, Andrew provides valuable insights into effective strategies for securing appointments and refining marketing approaches in the competitive landscape of the insurance industry. He emphasizes the significance of prioritizing clients and cultivating strong relationships with referral partners, particularly in the real estate sector.

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Today’s guest is none other than Andrew Mellon owner and founder of the Mellon agency at Goose Head Insurance. Now they specialize in all things insurance. And we all need insurance. Whether you like it or not you might as well go with someone you can trust.

Now Andrew has been in the insurance space for the last four years. He values being able to educate the client so they can make the best decision for their current situation. It’s an approach that every business should take. And Andrew understands that. Now in this episode, we talked about Andrews’ transition from living in Hawaii to selling insurance. 

What’s new with home and flood insurance? And sourdough bread? Because it tastes great and why not? So open your ears and tune in for another great episode. Let’s dive in. Andrew welcome to the podcast.

Thanks for having me.

I’m excited to chat with you some more. chat with you about insurance as we were just talking about. If you’re in real estate in any capacity I’m sure you’ve had insurance questions or issues. If you’re a homeowner you’ve had issues It seems a lot of people have had concerns over the last few years. 

Absolutely. You drive a car. If you own a boat everything’s gotten more expensive.  

It’s crazy. So take us back to the beginning of your start in insurance got how and why you have both good stories have both how and why.

So during the middle of COVID, I was doing real estate in Hawaii and the beginning of COVID real estate in Hawaii. And my wife who lives out there we’ve been out there for almost a year when COVID sparked up and we were living very comfortably and the COVID facility shut down the island and sales out there. That was tough. You couldn’t your house at some point and very very strict rules. And that made me panic. And I’d never even considered something that ever happening. 

I don’t think anybody had I was never on anybody’s radar.

No. And they said this was a crazy part was they started talking about it and just kind of blowing it off this.  the thing was swine flu. This is that we’ve heard it all. So no one was expecting that. And that was terrifying. I was a new father my son Andrew Jr. was six months old at the time when we got out there in June. So now he was a year old. And some change.

And he had just turned a year in December so a year and three months. And he had just been born. My youngest he was born 10 days before they started the lockdown stuff. So coming from that coming over I knew I was going to honestly I didn’t know what I was going to do. And we packed up the family and left Hawaii I knew I was going to find something sales-related.

And you left why because of the COVID? 

And I had a family and I had to do something. And you weren’t allowed to leave your house you weren’t a lot of making an income. They wanted you on assistance which is great if you’re people who needed it. And a lot of people survive off of unemployment stuff but I couldn’t run a feed for miles. And I just didn’t see that going anywhere.

When they told us they weren’t gonna reopen until November. And they told us that in May that’s when I freaked out. So we booked the tickets came here had a bunch of opportunities I was going to think about getting back in the car business selling RVs and all that kind of stuff. And my father had. He’s in the automotive industry and he had been approached by some guys with an insurance idea. And he got into insurance. And so I started kind of sparked an interest and started reading about it and found out what it would take to get licensed and insurance.

The thing that was most attracted to this or everything I was reading at a time was that, wasn’t it? It was an exploding market because you could work from home you could do it from home. And it was recession-proof essentially during those COVID times everybody was getting a break on paying their mortgage getting a break on rent you couldn’t get evicted there were so many things that you could skip on a bill but you couldn’t skip on insurance. Everybody had to keep paying for that. 

So I just dove in headfirst and kind of got involved with what my dad was doing up in Virginia but I didn’t see it being in the long run very profitable because it’s focused mainly on the automotive industry. That kind of insurance from what I was reading as people switch policies all the time how many times have you switched automotive carriers?

A lot of work and little reward there. So a couple of friends of mine had gotten involved with Goose Head and Virginia and they just were always posting online about how they’re killing it and this and that and just really attracted.

I would see the hustle. I knew these guys were hardworking people but they were just living nice so I started asking some questions. I told him what my model was they’re Wow you’re doing a completely wrong. You got to do this. I went to visit a couple of offices and salt for myself. And I was okay that’s what we’re going to do. And I got involved with Gu said in April 2020.

And when I started and Florida do you fall call progressive or call any carrier?

I mean doesn’t matter who it was Allstate and Safeco and I told them I got an agency here and I want to get appointed with you blah blah. And they say Okay send us your book. We want to know what your book size value last run all that. And I was no no I’m a brand new people they laughed and hung up. There they were having a conversation with a new guy. So you have to call you to have to build a relationship with the insurance carriers to sell their correct so you have to be appointed.

You can have a license. But once you have that license that license has to have appointments to sell insurance. So every single company that was really what was attractive because when I started myself I door shut door shut door shut. No one would talk to me. Endorsement and is that because you’re starting as a new agent.

And during one coming out of one of the worst losses for insurance and a two-year low. I had a rough 2020- 2021 was rough on them.  So when we came out at that time asking for new appointments they just wouldn’t even talk to me. So I got involved with a company that was similar to what Gu said does but there’s no back office all it is is they give you appointments and they take 30% on top.

So that wasn’t that wasn’t doing me any favors. We tried that. And they still couldn’t get us a point with very many it was four or five appointments. That was it. And they were taking most of the profit. So when I was approached by everyone I approached who said and got involved with that I saw their model and how they have just amazing service on the back end the technology is crazy it’s second to none. And how much effort in love is put into the technology that gives us all these tools and stuff.

I was sold. I was holding up pretty quickly. And so the day I got the agency they pointed me to 30-40 different carriers and they’ve gone on probably up somewhere close to 50 by now. But instantly overnight I could I could help people. And that was what was great.

So as an insurance agent, you get your you get license. Do you have to work with an agency like Goosehead? Or if you go and get your license and immediately try to get your appointments there are a lot of companies that will do direct appointments you could go get-go to citizens and citizens will direct points about anybody.

There are a lot of companies that will there are also a lot of companies that won’t. So getting started on your own just organically makes it tough? They want to there’s plenty to do that. Exactly. Or they want you to work for someone for a certain amount of time that allows you to purchase the book from them or something.

A lot of people get approached by other companies similar to what you said you said this is a very similar marketing but State Farm or something that. Yes, they would say hey look we’ve seen your hustle over here would you be interested in opening up your franchise? 

State Farm already has their book of business or their contacts for different insurance riders. When we got started as soon as I signed on with you the phone started ringing they do a really good job with the marketing stuff and teaching us how to help with some marketing tactics and they set up your Google and LinkedIn and all that stuff.

Almost immediately the phone starts ringing which is great. And the way their technology works is we can go into Salesforce and see how all the process or all those sales have gone through MLS just kind of you can but the way it’s filtered out is a little bit different. So I can focus directly on title agents or directly on Realtors.

Lenders are what we are that’s the big bread and butter. And the way they have it laid out it’s super you can do it by zip code and you can do it by area within five miles of my office it’s cool the way they set it up. So that helps tremendously. Because what we do is probably 50-60 % marketing and then the rest of it selling a big part of what we do is marketing. 

Now that I think about it we probably spend more time in the week marketing ourselves than we do buying policies. And that’s kind of a mandatory thing. If you want a president these days.

Mastering Insurance and Sourdough

I think almost any business probably.  there’s so much competition out there no matter what there is a ton of competition.

Well, and that’s the thing too and I failed at this a time or two. But what I learned early on was that if you answer your phone and you do what you Say you’re gonna do you say you’re gonna do it. You’ll be so far ahead of

So many people imagine that. That is sad. And then it does sound simple. But there are times where Damn I should have taken that phone call and should have let it go. But that’s true. And then you’ll hear that for people they may you answer the phone I’ve called three other guys. There are three people on this list. And you’re the first to answer the phone

It’s crazy. I do the podcast now a lot of people have brought that up in that type of industry service-related or home services-related where it’s it’s just there’s so many people out there that just don’t answer the phone.

And doing so much marketing. I mean we meet a lot of people. When I first got started the same as my agents now who are coming out of training.  everyone’s really hungry. And so it’s almost you’re you’ll work with anybody anybody willing to give you a shot.

Then about a year you start to realize wow okay there are some great people I’ve worked with. And some people take up way too much money. Very silly thing. So that’s one of the things that I started realizing towards the end of last year the beginning of this year is when we’re goal planning is who do we want to do business with? That’s big too. How?

Let’s dive into that a little bit.  how did you figure that out? Is it just by the experience that you had a

lot of it was an experience? And then over the last my goal for this year 2024 was to get organized. I was I’ve always been super ADHD. Little dyslexic little dysgraphic.

My life’s not always worried especially my office.. So that was my big goal was to try to organize my time because I was I would find myself spending so much time on one thing or or vice versa. I’ve tried to do 10 things at once with 15. tabs open and trying to just focus on that now.

So I sat down and started writing things down that I thought took too much of my time. And then one of the things that was repetitive on there was specific certain agents or clients and I would always hear these sayings oh it’s always the 1% of the client it takes up  90% of your time.  those things start to click.

So  I started to get away from the shoppers the people who are I’ve talked to three different agents. And I know this by the rate went up by $50. I’m not paying that much more money. That guy is going to leave you the next time he gets a rate hike for 20.

So we have this mentality in the office and it’s WinFast. Lose fast. So whether that’s with a referral partner that’s just extremely needy and it’s taking up too much of your time on the weekends. We’re not respecting personal boundaries kind of things. I tell my guys not to stress about this. If you lose that referral partner they’re gonna go beat somebody else up on a Sunday night. You don’t want to be

Do you think that takes time to get to that point that gets that resolution?

Absolutely. Because you’re getting beat up at the beginning you’re taking everything anything and everything? Because you have to? But it’s still I think it’s still really important. If you want to consider yourself a seasoned agent in your three four or five years you should still try to take everything and still want to win every client.

But I recognize now that I won’t I won’t want every client it’s okay to lose. I think that’s a good point. You want to you want to help everybody. But sometimes you just can’t. And yet the priority. I think it’s prioritizing those clients and depending on the client sometimes I’ll take four hours to see if I can not help this person.

If they are it’s that’s what always told myself to do. And when I asked him Can I run your quote? Or can I see your deck page? The joke is the worst thing I can tell you is that you’re already in the best notes scenario.

It can’t get any worse. I can only make it better. But sometimes the person or they tell you the story about how they can’t afford this and that and he just lost his job or whatever. She works extra hard for some people. And then at the end of the day, you just can’t make it any better for him.

And we strike We’re big on having sure everyone’s covered properly because we’ll have clients who call Hey no I just want state minimum do this real quick so I can afford it. Well, all you can afford you’re talking about different to $20 a month which can be the difference between 50-60 and 100 millionand coverage which could be the difference of a wage garnishment.

So I think a lot of what we do is not only just trying to help the people but making sure they understand education is huge and insurance. When I went through insurance school at Central Insurance School here in St. Pete Clearwater I learned so much that I never knew was scary about what’s covered what’s not and things that.

So walking through a policy whenever I hear someone telling me to call me I’ve never heard explain that way before. I know I’m doing a good job. I always want to leave them wow. Okay knowing more so than they did going in. . 

So let’s talk about that a little bit and give a high-level overview of I guess let’s stick with homeowners insurance cuz that’s the big one. But for homeowners insurance what are the big items that you need to pay attention to as far as your coverage goes?

So I think the most important thing is making sure that you’re not underinsured. So Florida, there is a law a 20% coinsurance law. So if you’re underinsured by 18 19% and it’s a total loss the insurance company has to cover the total loss less your deductible if you’re 25-30, 40-50% underinsured, the insurance company is only responsible for what they told you they insure you for once you break that 20% threshold. So if you’re 50% underinsured on a $200000 dwelling that’s $100000 out of pocket you’re gonna be to bring it back to and people do that to save on their premiums they do that.

A lot they’ll under exactly because of the dollar amount for your coverage A which is your dwelling amount that’s going to coincide with your premium. So if you’re knocking say $100000 off or 20 or $50000 off the coverage A then they come out as total loss. And they’re saying Hey you’re more than 20% under you’re coming out of pocket. Another thing that I see a lot is other structures it’ll be zero. Now your other structures are things that are not attached to the house but that include a driveway.

So in the state of Florida, your driveway is considered another structure the patio or walkway to your house. So if something you were to damage the structure or say a big truck turned around in your driveway okay that kind of stuff. Those are other structures and why not have it covered? It’s a couple of dollars on the policy you might save yourself 100 bucks a year if you took that coverage but you could have a huge out-of-pocket expense.

So fences for instance if the fence is not physically fastened to the side of the home it’s another structure. So if you have anywhere around 50 to 100 feet which I’ve seen some people have hundreds of feet of vinyl fence I know what it would cost to just to put 20 feet of vital things in my ear. . So I can only imagine the 10s of $1000 of out-of-pocket expenses you have after a hurricane it’s not going to be covered.

The things you’re gonna be your deductible and I drive that one home a lot. People will say give me 5%.  I’m going to tight DTI. I want to keep it under this number.  moving your hurricane deductible from 2% to 5%. may change your policy for a couple of 100 bucks.

But you’re talking about a five to $10000 difference on your deductible.  so let’s say we get unlucky. And there happens to be a storm 50 miles away from us but you get some wind-borne debris or something goes through the roof. And now you’ve got a roof claim.

The insurance company comes out and says sure but unfortunately, this doesn’t meet your $20000 hurricane deductible.  stuff that. Those are the ones that we see a lot that we try to stay away from and educate then that’s when the education comes back.  not prepare that client for an out-of-pocket expensive $20000 if they have to make a hurricane claim.

Because in the day it’s their decision. Absolutely. 100% they want to do that then by all 100. But here’s the consequences of that happen. And then I know we’re on the homeowners insurance portion but I think an important part is flood. And this is something that I educate a lot of my Realtors with just using different verbiage. I get a lot of people the first introduction on the phone call when I’m doing my first discovery call.

People are jumping down saying the realtor told me that this is in the flood zone. So I’ll never have to worry about flood insurance. And I think there’s just something reckless to say because technically every house is in a flood zone.

It may be a low-risk flood zone but it’s still a flood zone.  So I think the verbiage from every realtor should be great news. This is an excellent zone that is the least that is lowest risk flood zone which means that you’re gonna have the cheapest flood insurance possible. Because every home in Florida should be covered unless you’re on the top of some hill somewhere that I don’t know about. You need flood insurance. So the good news is it’s super cheap. Now what we see a lot of too is the increases or the changes and the maps.  that’s something that we always educate people on too. So when we run a risk my Raider will automatically run a flood quote.

Then all I have to do is click on it and it’ll show me a picture of the flood map. And in a lot of places especially my neighborhood specifically in Riverbend we’re surrounded by the Anclote.  And that AES zone creeps in one of my producers Davis who lives in a neighborhood. 

We watched his house go from x to x 500 to x to x 500. And he’s back in an X zone. But now is the place flood insurance on that home is over $6500 It’s almost seven grand. Oh. So six months ago he could have bought it. It was two grand.  that’s that’s crazy. How often are they changing the maps?  is that evident?

So it happens quite frequently. But when we see it the last few times it’s happened recently in our neighborhood happens in October. So every year they’ll reassess the house and stuff. And it’s usually around the fourth quarter of the year. Typically when we see it it’s something they pay attention to if you’re close to a zone an x 500 or an X zone that backs up to an A it’s it may behoove you to talk to your agent and talk about getting a quote because what happens is if they switch to AE if they expand that map which the federal the National Flood Insurance Program does 25 and a half billion dollars in debt so my thinking is the way that they’re gonna get that money back is by rapidly increasing this flood map

So if your homie comes x 500 or or x to AE they notify the lender the bank gets notified. And now they’re going to tell you you have an X amount of days to act and buy a flood policy or we’re gonna force place flood on your home. Force-placed insurance can be up to  400% more than what a normal policy would be. So a homeowner has to pay more has to pay it. This is a crisis a few years ago when they started implementing these things.

And there were stories all over the place that I was reading when I was going through insurance school this elderly fixed income. individuals whose homes were now getting increased A and they’re getting bills for $20000 for flood insurance. Well, insane. So I mean a lot of people have friends that bought down on Treasure Island back in 2014. And didn’t buy flood insurance at the time. They bought the house for cash. And now the house has quadrupled in value. And to place flood insurance on that home is 14000.

Just crazy. Wow. It’s crazy. To be talking about someone who bought this house for less than 400 grand. Years ago now the home was worth $1.4 million. If they wanted to go get any kind of loan on the home they’d have to have fun insurance. And 14 grand.

That’s crazy. Almost. So I  the idea of if you own a home just get flood insurance even if it’s an x because it’s cheap now.

So once you’re in they used to have a different rule you used to get grandfathered into that rate. And that rate couldn’t change. If you bought X you stayed X forever. Now what they’ve done as of eight I believe was April last year I could be wrong. So don’t quote me on that.

But they have made it so that your rate can only increase so much from x OG buy at x it’ll increase a certain value every year until you’re up to where an X policy or an AE policy would be. So you wouldn’t have an overnight rapid increase.

What if someone were to just say Hey you got to go buy an ad now? It could be in Davis’s situation six to $800.

Okay. Crazy.

It is. It’s that’s just but you said if you get it early and you’ve got it that’s just a better. Why not?

So let’s talk about the roofs for a little bit on the homes because that’s been a big issue the last couple of years. Absolutely.  what went wrong with all of that? And when is it gonna change?

So I have given us some hope. I have friends in all areas of that. From the the legal side the legislative side the the roofing side property damage attorney side all of that. I think it got really out of hand. There was a lot of fraud happening.  for quite some time.

There were very loose laws on that.  everyone you can blame attorneys fees you can blame politicians. But there was some wrongdoing in a lot of places. There’s a legislative law legislation that’s happened over the last year two years.

And I think because of the lower loss runs that we’ve seen over the past couple of years we will see some lower premiums and the net Cutler I think q2 I think received a couple of drops in premiums on several carriers. Specifically an auto two I think we’re gonna see a better auto but I know we’re talking. We’re just now. 

It’s just while it’s on the top but as far as roofs because that’s gone up too?  those are double.

So as far as the roofs go that was a big thing for a long time. And now there are so many different rules with roofs whether you’re talking citizens and the roof doesn’t have a permit. And you said earlier even other carriers are now requiring roof permits approved through the roof was done to code. So it creates a lot more work for a closing.

And if you get a notification or if we can’t find a permit we have to go get the inspector to go back out to do a recertification. And then the roof certification doesn’t pass underwriting. So that’s another thing that we’re having is that we’re telling you okay we’re gonna submit this and they have three to five days to get it back to us.

Sometimes citizen takes 10 Then we finally get back into denial.  where we go from there. So now we’ve got to get stuff fixed before they can get moved in. And I’ve seen people lose deals there’s been no earnest money last year and that’s a big thing.

What to look out for though on the roofs. What I would recommend is if you’re if you’re the purchaser do your research. You can get it anybody can get a bill to the fax account for free for a trial. Go on and pull the build fax on your home or have a friend do it we’ll build the fax. So Bill’s fax is it’s not always 100% up to date but it’s pretty darn accurate.

And what it is is I can type in the address of any property. It’s going to pull all the records of any permits that have been pulled on that house or the job type size and whether the permit was completed or just open. And so if I can look at that and know  I’ll have Realtors call me up hey I got this different addition on this house and it’s a little bit bigger than what’s shown on Zillow. 

Can you tell me if there was a permit for this? And I can tell away whether or not it was a permanent addition or not. But that’s a great tool for us to use for many things but especially specifically the roofs because if it’s there’s not a permanent roof there’s a lot of hey my buddy we’ll throw that a new roof up there.  five grand keep them in a table save you a lot of money.  to the awesome roof. It was under code everything the nailing patterns the materials. Now we just got to get somebody up there to certify it. Because the county doesn’t have a record of it.

And that’s been the permits are always an issue. Because the county or the city in Florida hasn’t always been sticklers for that?

So we have agencies in every state with goose head and I’d write business in several states.  But in Virginia, we don’t have if someone from Virginia calls me with a lead for down here. And I asked her if they have a four-point or a win mitt or anything that they What’s that? Outside of? There are no home inspections.  They don’t check the roofs.

They don’t look for permits. It’s wild. It’s the wild wild west everywhere else. But you would think that everyone would have the same kind of rules.   interest. Florida’s very very very strict on their qualifications in the homes of the Lookout to make sure on your policy that the replacement cost you’re getting replacement costs for your roof a lot because of the legislation. Now they started roof scheduling.

And what roof scheduling is is its ACV which is costless depreciation. So let’s say you’ve got a 20-year-old roof they’re gonna value that at $0. They’re gonna say it was time for replacement. The reason your roof got blown off was because it was all. So if you go to have a hurricane settlement they’re going to replace everything that was destroyed inside the house when the roof got blown off. But when it comes to actually replacing the roof they’re not busting out the wall because you’d have a big out-of-pocket.

And those things, it’s funny because I’ll see it and I’ll be training somebody on it. They’ll say Hey what’s that? Oh never do that. But let me show you why. And you’ll click it. And you add that coverage. So you take this great coverage away and replace it with nothing essentially. And it saves the client 100-200 bucks.  to have an expense of 20 plus $1000 When the roof blows

Wow. Wow. So this is a little off-topic from insurance but you brought this up. So let’s talk about sourdough. 

I only got I got a thing for I love.

I love eating sourdough. I haven’t. I haven’t got to your level as far as baking with it and stuff yet but when did this start for you? Okay

So I forgot you’re gonna bring this up? It just sparked again recently. But when I was younger one of my first real big boy jobs.  one of my friends started working for this place called the Baker’s Customer in Virginia Beach. It’s where I grew up. And it was one of those things where I was  Hey we’re hiring. Tell your friends and so before it there are five sick kids from the same neighborhood who all grew up together. And so I just took it as a summer job. I graduated and I wasn’t going back to school and the guy who ran the main oven quit just walked out one day and they put me in there.

And I loved it. So I learned how to cook French artisan bread from this guy named Felipe Boulogne. The only thing of saying his name. But  I can still hear him screaming at me in the back. Now we did  1000s of units of sourdough a day. But this starter that he brought over in the 70s. And it was  50 years old when he brought it over.

So when we were using it it was  75-80 years old. So I kind of thought that was cool to have this living thing that’s older than I am that we bake with every day. So I was some tricks of the trade and whatnot from the showman but then moved on to bartending and the service industry after that and never got away from it. Never do it again.

Did you ever do it personally back then? Are you just just just for that job work. 

Just for work? But I don’t don’t. I forget how it started. I think  I was just thumbing through reels one night and someone was making sourdough. And I clicked on it. And then there was a link in the bio blah blah.  so between Instagram and then before I did it I was on Etsy buying started.

And then I was in the marketplace and some lady down the street was selling $10 jars have started making some sourdough. So I went and got the little jar and started to know my wife’s. Hey, when are you going to stop doing this? Because it’s just multiplying. But ya know so for there’s a solid month where I was making a different loaf every day. Oh really?

It’s pretty. It’s kind of involved?  Once you know,  it’s easy to get this started a lot. I mean, I got started a month ago. So you can want to start as active on you can just put it so the difference between sourdough I’ll get into the sides for you. So there’s been a sourdough and regular bread is sourdough is it’s taking all the yeast from the ambient air and creating a 1111 bread that way. Okay, so it takes a lot longer for that bread. That kind of proof. 

That’s why we use the starter. So the starter is just a con concentrate okay of the natural yeast and bacteria. When you use commercial yeast it’s the same kind it fluffs up way differently and has a different  I guess digest differently.

But I was yes we understand it. I just like to taste the sourdough.  it’s it’s so much it’s way tastier than regular bread.  I agree. But it’s an art. When I was trying to get back into it. I think I ruined the first four or five.  they wouldn’t raise it just a little hockey puck. super dense. So we have a lot of croutons. We have a ton of croutons. .

I think some of what I’ve learned in the first thing I made with sourdough was with this card I mean discard bagels or whatever. But it’s it’s it seems it’s hard to mess it up. But you said there is an art to it. There are techniques but there’s timing so there are a ton of different techniques.  There’s not just one way to make it.

So when we made the Baker’s crust we had to do it at a certain time every day he was on schedule? So that’s kind of what you have to do to replicate that same scenario at home. So we have a warmer climate here. So back home in the wintertime, it’d be an overnight thing. So here if I wanted to make it say I want to make sourdough for dinner.  I would take out the starter from a little live in the fridge unfed for months at a time take out  100 grams put in a bowl 100 grams of flour 100 grams of water mix it up. And then by about one-two in the afternoon, it should have proved up to be the starter would have been fed and proof up.

When it’s at its peak. That’s when you want to use it. But if you let it settle and you use it then the proof time for the bread that you’re making could vary in hours. So it’s all about timing. If you miss it by 2030 minutes it could cost you an hour or two on the back end. But I think once you get into it you’ll find a rhythm. And then you think okay this worked this time. It’ll work next time. And then you start you stopped doing the exact measurements. You start eyeballing stuff. 

I’ve seen that too. Where it’s you don’t measure it out, So if you want insurance or if you need some sourdough bread. Or starter, Plenty of stuff. I’ve hooked up the entire neighborhood.



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