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Logan Catt | The Value of Listening to Your Community’s Needs

In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting Logan Catt, a community-driven advocate. Join us as we explore the critical significance of having a filter on your online consumption to navigate the digital world mindfully. Logan sheds light on how inflation impacts home prices in Palm Harbor, providing valuable insights for residents and potential buyers.

Discover the actual value of listening to your community, and learn why Logan is running as an honorary mayor and his unique contributions to the community. We delve into various avenues to help and empower small business owners, making this episode a must-listen for all local entrepreneurs.

Tune in for a power-packed conversation with Logan Catt, dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Palm Harbor’s community!

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Logan Catt, welcome back to Palm Harbor Local (podcast) man.

Yes. Hey, how are you doing?

Good, man. How are you doing today?

Fantastic. I spent a little coffee here for everybody. Everybody to know. So we got the nice aroma energizing us right now.

That’s the next thing. Like we added video. The next thing we’re going to add is the aroma right smells. So your company American Painters, it’s nice to have you on the podcast.

Thank you.

So I look back at your episode 57. And we’re at like, 134. Now is a great time.


So it’s time. It’s been like a year and a half since you were first on the podcast.


Oh, my gosh. Do I look a year and a half older?

I think you’d look the same.

Thank you. I feel like I’m aging like a president would just awfully. But thank you. I appreciate it.

So I wanted to start with this in like over the last year and a half. And if you haven’t listened to Logan’s first episode, go back and listen to that one. Because we dive into, kind of your story your past, and your business a little bit as well. But since you’ve been on the podcast now that we know, it’s been a year and a half, what’s like something you’ve learned, I know you like reading books and that sort of stuff. So what’s one thing that you’ve learned if you had to pick one?

Listen to Logan’s previous podcast episode here!

Oh, one and a year and a half. So this has been first off the most educational year and a half ever. Just because of the position I was in prior to being put into it. And so now it’s almost unfathomable, the amount of business success we’ve been fortunate enough to have luckily, not saying it’s because of the podcast, but I’ll say it later. One thing I learned…

It could be business could be life.

I’m really thinking about it because I want to give you a good answer. Because I want to really the most important thing. I feel like I have all that it is, and we were just kind of telling you about this. I feel like I’ve always known to listen to people. Then when you have a teacher, you listen to what they’re saying. But I think I was always very selectively listening, meaning when I felt it was appropriate to listen, I listened. But I was told 1000 times in my childhood, you have two ears and one mouth.

And I think in the last year and a half, a lot of personal business. Just systematic problems have disappeared, because I’ve said okay, hold on, hold on. Let me listen first, and then respond. And so that’s probably it because it comes from again, I would say a lot of the benefits I’ve experienced over the last year and a half have been from listening to mentors.   what do I mean? pert my personal life is always usually pretty great. But just even listening to the needs of my wife has made our home life happier because now the dishes are unloaded before she gets home and no one has to fight about it.

And that makes me happy. But then when it comes to just people, like day-to-day problems, I don’t get as aggravated with some guys taking a long time in front of seven-elevens.  , I’m a little bit outgoing anyway, but I might say something like, oh, man, they give you the wrong bar code or whatever it is just to lighten the mood. And that’s made me appreciate people a lot more. So listening, listening.  , that the biggest thing I’ve learned is how to listen. And I’m obviously not great at it with how much I’m talking right now.

Well, that’s the point at this point. But, listening, I would say, and that’s a continual thing. I’ll probably have to work on most of my life.

I think that that’s something that’s like a skill or muscle that you constantly have to like reevaluate, like, it’s almost like when you were, given your answer there, it kind of made me think of, of just like, it’s like sometimes we gotta take a step back and like slow down, right, which can be hard to do as a business owner or just hard to do in life the way we know. Life in America is right now, but I think that’s part of it, too. It’s just like, Okay let me take a step back, I’m gonna have to move so fast.

And anyone who knows me will tell you that I move fast and I think that’s important too. So, we were talking about priorities, and, family being a big priority of mine.  , for anyone who wasn’t here for the last podcast, my father took his life and you don’t understand how that affects you as a person right away. But then now that has been, for four or five years going on now. It’s made me appreciate in slow down the family time that I have meaning, instead of being like, oh, we gotta go to Hannah’s family for dinner. I’m like, oh, man, I can’t wait to get a home-cooked dinner and enjoy the family

And again, I don’t have kids yet. But I can imagine having kids, that’s probably a big one. We had talked about this quote, which I love when I do have kids. It’s in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I couldn’t even tell you who said it, but it goes, the work will continue to come childhood won’t. And that’s kind of it with everything, you’re in your love life won’t continue to come to your wife, the time I get with Hannah is my time now. So slowing down is probably an even better way to put it down to you nailed it.

There you go.

But I’m trying and It’s the same thing. It’s a work in progress, right? I think that’s something we all kind of struggle with at different times. And that’s why I say it’s like, you got to reevaluate it, right? It’s like a constant Okay, let me check myself. If I was slow, I probably wouldn’t have spilled the coffee on the floor.

Alright, so let’s jump. That’s it. I like that answer. Man. I appreciate that you are putting some thought into what you got. I want to know what you learned. What would you say? I feel like that’s such a great question. I don’t even know that I was one to hit me with. I love it.

I think it’s something similar to the kind of like what you’re talking about, like with family time and everything, just how important those moments are like we were talking about so I had Scott bid on that on a previous episode. And we were talking about time management and how managing your time is important, but also, it’s also important so that you have time for your family. And, those those precious moments every single day. That adds up over time going around the priority. Priority is the family.

And so one thing I have in my calendar and this I think the time management thing is always a work in progress, too. But I have in my calendar every single day family time six to eight, and I’ve gotten sidetracked before where, you don’t always you’re not always present in those moments, but I think I think recently that’s something that’s kind of stood out, like you have to be there, you have to put the phone down, whatever it is and, and be there for your kids.

I can’t even, I mean today’s world with TikTok and all the TV shows. I feel like if I wasn’t working, or I mean, I couldn’t even tell you it just personally and I, we talked about hours worked. I work about 55 hours a week. but when I’m not working, I know I’m just relaxing, watching TV, or doing something pleasurable, because you get so burnt out from working all day, and then dealing with the minutiae of stuff. So I can only imagine how difficult it would be to give your attention to a child when you’re feeling all of the weight of I mean, especially like, I mean, the new cycle, the new cycle lately is crazy, like so crazy. I mean, I think there were UFOs a week ago like I remember well, I think a week ago we were talking about UFO recordings. And now it’s like Twitter changed his name to “X” or something and I can’t find the app on my phone anymore.

And it’s like you’re I was talking to a buddy yesterday and you’re like the people you surround yourself with are the content that you absorb is so important. Like you have to you have to put a filter on that stuff and just be very aware of, what you’re putting into your brain and what time of the day and that sort of stuff, right? .

And so that’s so I do try to read every day if you can leave and you sit there are I’m driving on do audiobooks but are great podcasts like there you go. It’s I wonder what would happen if you didn’t keep up with like local news for like a month and a half or two months. So I don’t watch the news.

You don’t have any idea about UFO Reporting?

I’m just from probably Facebook or whatever, like browsing Facebook Live, for two months. I wonder what happened? No info just because I couldn’t even imagine. I couldn’t even imagine because I read. I read financial stuff. I read business stuff. I read local stuff. I read everything. Or watch. So we don’t ever watch the news. I never got into that. And then I don’t really watch the news. But you’re just reading or absorbing, creating reading articles by people who I think are good or whatever trusted sources and you just see, even like the overall news is also much, but, I know it’s crazy. 

And I think you just have to go back to something that you want to absorb or something that you want to, content you want to surround yourself with whatever, right? So if it’s important for you to stay in the know about certain things, and then great, but I think I think also like watching it versus reading it, and you’re selecting the source, like where that information is coming from, like, that’s important, too. 

I mean, like I said, I don’t really watch the news. But I would say bad news nine, you’ve shot up a design, y’all throw that on in the morning to watch the weather, just to make sure I get, being a painter, I gotta know where the storms are gonna go but, it’s again, it’s just a lot. But that’s, I say all that to say, that’s why it’s so important to prioritize that time off with family because there’s so, so much stuff to think about, and, and the other crazy thing is, here in Palm Harbor, Tampa Bay, LifeScan, expensive, all of a sudden, that’s going on, man, in the last year and a half budgeting.

I’ve learned how to get really good at budgeting inflation-priced home prices, home values have gone up quite a bit. What do you how does that affect you? What do you see? I think, it affects the first-time homebuyer, like the younger generation, the people that are there, your age or younger, right, that are trying to buy their first home. Or people that just haven’t budgeted properly for a long time. And they’re like, Okay, now I want to buy a home, or they have the rents have pushed them to that limit. And now I’m like, well, now it makes sense to buy or something like that.  Those people are affected the most. Right. And you feel for those people.

The people that need affordable housing the most, I mean, And it’s like pinching the people, and I don’t want to say at the bottom, but just people who need the entry-level, if there’s no entry, if there’s no entry-level if the where they call that barrier to entry.

That’s, that’s almost what it is in Pinellas County. I mean, you can find some condos and stuff for cheaper. But then, I mean, we’ve gone from, I mean, when we bought a home in 2017, it was like to 25 to 50. Like that was kind of like that, that norm and now it’s doubled (almost). Do you think it stays in there because of inflation? 

I think so. Yes. And people Tampa is now become a place where people want to live right. Not just secretly, We had a hit. I know. And but it’s interesting because it pushes it I mean, it’s interesting to think about, right? Because of the home prices, it makes it difficult for some people to purchase. A lot of people are moving to the Tampa Bay area. And a lot of people are moving away from the Tampa Bay area because of home prices because of traffic and, more people living here. So is the balance. But I think at the end of the day, like there’s still more people moving here, then go and then going away. And that’s going to drive prices up.

How has that affected you like how is inflation affected affected you as well? 

I mean, I guess in a year and a half. So first off, it’s, affected everything, it’s affected paint prices, labor prices, everything. And, it’s tough for me, just because my guys used to make a livable wage, it’d be like, if you were a painter, you could live a pretty good life, you could put away for retirement and live a good life, making $50,000 a year paid.

Now, it’s like, I gotta pay him. 60-65 and they’re still struggling. I mean, $65,000 a year is almost poverty,  unless your wife’s working two or something. But, some of these guys are single guys, and so it’s put a big pinch on them, which is tough. The paint price has gone up. And so not only have the homes gotten more expensive, it’s gotten more expensive to do stuff to your homes. But why I asked you is because I’m not really seeing a residential pullback on people working on their homes. I think with the number of people that moved here, like there’s still they moved here. Do they want to make their home the way they want it?

So I guess the question is, when does that stop when you have when that’s the whole of people moving to the area, then that’s when things might slow down

But it hasn’t, it hasn’t, you’re right. Like I’ve seen. I’ve seen more additions just like my little circle where I run and walk with the kids and stuff. I’ve seen more people adding additions to their homes.

Well, if you have a 3% interest rate on a home that’s worth it for you you may not be inclined. So it’s crazy out there. That’s why I was curious about what you were seeing. It’s good, though. I think Tampa Bay is amazing. And I want the Tampa Bay area to be as profitable and metropolitan and Oasis-like and as beneficial for everyone here because it is such a great area. I mean, just everything we have here from the Bay to the beaches to we like three different beaches, you can go to within 30 minutes of each other. And they’re amazing. So I do love the Tampa Bay area. 

 And that brings me back to like, I think it was before I get into real estate, like I grew up here. And I always wanted to like, as I’m like, I’m never gonna live here. When I’m old. I gotta get out of this area. Right? This sucks. And then I got older and wiser. And I’m like, this area is pretty cool. Pretty cool. You can’t beat it. I just recently went to Colorado for the first time. And, and I’d never seen mountains like that before. I went on Pikes Peak, boom, boom, it was amazing. And I was in awe. And it was incredible. And it was I was just struck with beauty and grace. And I was like, this is what, purple mountains. Majesty, this is it right here. And it was incredible.

But then when I get back to Florida, I’m driving across. But it doesn’t compare to this. it just doesn’t.  , I just love the water. It’s crazy. Because like when you don’t see the mountains, they are beautiful in the distance.


Every time I drive across the bridge, and I’ve lived here for my entire life when you’re across the water when you’re on Clearwater Beach. Oh, man. So I do I love it. What was it? Did I answer your question? What was your question?

You did? It was? It was I think we started with what did you What was one thing you learned? And then we got into all that.

So welcome to my brain. Oh, and now we’re just going down this rail? We’ll find out. All right.

Well, let’s talk about the honorary mayor stuff because this is your second year running as the honorary mayor of Pearl Harbor.

Yes. So I got ousted last year. That being I know, we’re not gonna let that happen this year. Nope. So this is for anyone who doesn’t know we’re on the Palm Harbor local podcast, and the Palm Harbor honorary mayor is a big fundraising campaign because Palm Harbor doesn’t have a mayor. We know we’re not we’re an unincorporated municipality here. So because of that the chamber, the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce, takes that title.

And they nominate people, such as myself who are going to make some money for some people to be the heads of some fundraisers. And what happens is all the money raised 50% of it goes to the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce. The other 50% goes to a charity of our choice or the nominee’s choice. I happen to choose Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay to be my sponsor, just because they are such an incredible organization that’s right here in Tampa Bay, and they help our families our women in need our community directly. And for anyone who doesn’t know what they do, they provide resources for families.

Or say, I’m going to say you because I don’t want it to happen. You say there’s a family where the husband’s a breadwinner, and the wife takes care of the kids. The husband is hit by a truck and suddenly the income stops. They can go to Hands Across the Bay, okay, receive, gift cards for food, clothes, and anything that may be needed.

Anything I mean everything to help somebody else in life. Hey, if your husband handles the finances, let us help you with that.

Wow, incredible.

And they help a lot of people who have been struck by domestic abuse. So their main lady, and I’m pretty sure I have permission to talk about this because she’s been on the news talking about all kinds of stuff. Their main lady, her name is Melissa, got stabbed by an ex-husband 32 times. It might have been 37. I don’t know. 32 is what I think it is. 32 times. Do my cat claws me a little bit and it hurts? So I can’t even imagine.  . 32 That’s crazy. And this organization helped her so much that she is now the director running the entire organization. Oh, wow. That’s a cool story. It is cool. And so I love the organization. And then also the Palm Harbor chamber, as I said, directly helps local Palm Harbor businesses. And so both those organizations are great. My goal is $20,000 Raise. Yep, it’s a big goal.

So but it’s never been what’s the most anyone’s ever raised so I feel like this event is or this. So well, I let myself take a step back. I did some research and I’m sorry to interrupt you, but the power, of the honorary mayor, again started back in 1982. So it’s been going on and there’s been like some peaks and valleys right where it’s been like,

It’s cool.  , you don’t worry about it. I know it’s been around. So what’s the most that’s most money that’s been raised?

Last year was the most, and I would probably say it was $14,000. From all of the people that were in person over one person, one person, sorry, so we gotta get 20,000 would be the record. Okay. That’s why I want it. And so you didn’t say beat me with 20? If I get 20, and they beat me, what am I gonna do?  , I mean, but it would be great because I don’t get any benefit from it.  , if anything, it takes my time and effort, which I’m happy to give. Because what a great thing I get to do. I’ve never ever had an opportunity to just raise a massive amount of money that’s going to directly affect local businesses and local families. I can give out food in a soup kitchen, I can donate my time. And I’m happy to do that, too. But this is me going all out to do something for someone else. And I’ve never had a chance to do that before. So I’m super excited about it. So what I’m really doing is the big one is August 11. That’s the event. That’s right.

What’s on your mind?

Yep. We have an event on August 11 at LBC local Brewing Company in Palm Harbor, a Palm Harbor local company. August 11, is the first preseason game for the Buccaneers. So we’re doing a big watch party. They’re gonna have the game up on the screen. I’ve got a beer pong with water tournament, where anybody can play. It’s open play, but then we have a legitimate tournament for a prize and a trophy. I got a custom trophy, mate. I’m telling you. We’re going all out.  , it’s gonna be cornhole, there’s gonna be free food. You’ll have to buy your drinks. And during that time, I think there’s a three-drink limit, please it’s for charity, everybody.

There are silent auctions with sports memorabilia and jewelry donated by Julie Weintraub and the golden diamond source for a silent auction. So there’s all kinds of stuff to do. I’ve got sponsors, so it’s all covered all the costs. All you got to do is show up. You don’t even have to donate if you feel so compelled, because you see me sweating, and working my butt off. Great. But you don’t have to. I just want to fill up that restaurant for a local company on a Friday night. Bring in a lot of buzz for them, help them out, and bring awareness to the Hands Across the Bay, the Palm Harbor chamber. Also, the guy who runs a beer pong own or water Pong owns a company that does that. The Silent Auction guy owns a company,  , I’m saying that this is helping as many local companies including my sponsors, which I’m just going to tell them because they paid me money on a whim, Chris Robbins with Robins home inspections. Aaron Allen with pavers solutions. And we got Darrell Green of DVG Ventures and Nick Economies of eco law. All these guys have taken a chance on me to help these people.

And so that’s why August 11, six to nine. Let me I’ll read you the address, US Highway 19 North Palm Harbor, Florida 3468. For August 11. Friday, from six to nine. Please come out and support us. Again. It’ll be me for honorary mayor, but it’s supporting Hands Across the Bay. And what, Donnie, I’ll even take it a step further. I forgot to tell you about what have we got. So Hands Across the Bay will provide gift cards to families who are in need. I know another nonprofit named Victor Newman Ministries who is aware that I’m using them and they’re they’re cool with this. They’ve signed up for this. They provide food for people right out of their ministry right out of their their spa, I don’t want to say shop. But they give food bags to people every Friday set time and St. Pete Victor Newman ministries can sell you a gift card for $50 to Walmart, so it costs you $50 Its value is $50 doesn’t cost you anything more, but Walmart will give them a rebate of $5 so they can sell you a gift card at face value. It doesn’t cost you anything and they get benefits from it.

So nice.

Julie Weintraub Hands Across the Bay, and provides gift cards to people so they are now buying all their gift cards from Victor Newman. This means not only are you helping Pearl Harbor chamber, not only are you helping Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay, but you’re also helping Victor Newman ministries provide food to families in the Tampa Bay area. And that is why I am running with all my heart for the honorary mayor part.

I love it and there’s there’s so many other businesses that you’ve you’re helping along the way too. So it’s pretty cool.

As I said, if I’m going to do it, I just want to touch every person that I can to help because now that it’s an excuse, but last year I didn’t win because we were busy. I was doing stuff, it’s a trend. You, and I was like, if I’m gonna do it, I want to do it big. So we’re doing it big. And I’m very excited about the event too. I, again, just helping all those people get a bunch of people to a local restaurant is, is huge for them. Because, some nights, you can plan for a Friday night to have 80 people there. 20 people show up if I can get 400 people to show up, my goal was 150. But they wouldn’t be mad at me if I got 400 people to show up. So, if you’re listening to this, you’re invited.

And we’ll have all of the will have addresses in the description below in the show notes. So check all that stuff out with the link to donate while getting the link from you to donate. Or the fire. Okay, What made you choose this charity?

 So Hands Across the Bay. Why did I choose them? So really, it was just by chance,  I grow I went to high school with Julie Weintraub is Director assistant. And so she posted something about it. And I just went down the rabbit hole. And I was like, Wow, this organization is kind of crazy. So, so helpful. And, their primary benefactor’s women, primarily, is what my understanding is, because usually, I don’t wanna say usually, but if there’s an abusive relationship, most of the time, that woman’s the one that needs out, most of the time, just from what I’ve heard, I’m no expert. But so with that, just having a soft spot, I have a lot of really powerful women in my life that I love, so my mom is my business partner, she kind of went through something where again, my dad passed away unexpectedly, she didn’t need any help from this organization.

I was there. And I helped initiate a bunch of other resources for herself. But just anything like that, I think is so crucial. Because if my mom didn’t have those resources, she may have needed them, hands crossed. So there’s that and then also to being a husband to, my high school sweetheart, who I love more than anything in this world.  , if I were to pass away, I would hope there was someone to help her. Now that she even needs my help. I know her father, other people could, but if there was ever a need for her, I hope that’d be covered. And so that’s why I just, I don’t know if it’s being a provider or, a sense of, I don’t want to call it being a man, but just the Protect, I just feel like I am the protector. And that then is a charity that directly helps protect people in our local community. Last year, I did Autism Speaks.

Logan Catt | The Value of Listening to Your Community’s Needs

And I think it’s so cool that they, there are so many different avenues, right, like, we’ve talked about other charities and stuff, and it’s like, they’re great, but they have like, one specific niche that they focus on and do a great job in. But this one covers a lot of different avenues to help people.

 Once I heard they do financial coaching, then it’s not like, I don’t think it’s a CFP or anything, but I think yes, I think it’s someone saying hey, just amazed.  , and all the Oregon so there’s three of us running. I’m running for Hands Across the Bay. John Alfie is running for fees, a food pantry, and a great organization. Yummy, fantastic. And then Mike with Edgewater is running for Sleep in heavenly peace, which builds beds for kids who don’t have beds, I mean, so all three of these causes, no matter who wins, we’re helping some three fantastic organizations and the Palm Harbor chamber, which helps all of our businesses. And no matter what, you can vote for Mike’s $10 amount and me’s $100 amount, and you’re still helping. You’re allowed to help us both,

So you have all three, but as long again, just a little bit more, so we can get to that, 20,000

I just gotta be the exponential. That’s all right. I’m working harder for it. But that’s the biggest thing this year. So again, listening and doing that kind of thing is crucial, but helping people too is, is something that I want to do, look, why not?

So have you ever thought about I know, your, the way your mind works, and you love doing things and helping people? Have you ever thought about starting your own charity of any kind?

Oh, no, I haven’t. It’d be cool.  , I don’t know. I think other people have got it figured out. I think other people are just being involved in being because there are so many things I care about. There are so many things I would love to help. I couldn’t I don’t think I could just be like, one on one. Because kind of like this organization. I want to help as many people as possible. So maybe, maybe if I really was saying about it, there might be a nonprofit to help people build businesses. That’d be cool. Like if you’re in an underserved area, I can give you some resources and coaching on how to start your own small business. Now. That’s it, there it is. Boom, done it, but alright, So 2024 When we have you back on, but that and I just that, because that’s what gets me fired up,   what I mean?

And so that’s why I would do that. But I and I think that I think entrepreneurs are what needs to be the focus of the world anymore. Because we talk about the big divide between the upper and the lower, the middle class needs to be strong. And that’s where we really shine, man.  , I’m happily middle class, and there are so many, I think, in our area in Palm Harbor, and Eden, there are so many small businesses and which makes this area so unique. And like we were talking about before, like, why so many people want to be here?

I mean, in the best businesses,   what I mean? Like, Bogota, is a fantastic restaurant. It’s a small business. Usually, people love the small but I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love an Outback who doesn’t love blue. Minang?  , right. But, the small businesses are usually the ones you remember the most. So it’s important, I’m telling you, that my favorite thing is small business now. It’s crazy how your life can change. When you become a provider of things.

I provide, like I said, a salary for 20 painters. 20, full time, that’s a lot of people, big babysitter now daunting, but, I when they have problems, again, listening, I had to listen to them, I have to understand their problems, I have to help them. When they have financial problems I have I do provide some coaching and say, Hey, this is a basic budget spreadsheet and, and those kinds of things. But if Target can pay their people the lowest amount possible and maximize profits, that kind of sets the pay standard, we need raises across the board starting with from the corporations, and then we small business owners can afford to pay our people more.  , I guess it’s kind of what I was getting at. But just to say that I really think that empowering the middle class is what is the answer to most of the things that we run into. I think that small business coaching, and helping people become entrepreneurs is a key to that.

And because some of them too, are going to go on and grow their business and sell it and make a lot of money. Right. And then you would hope that in turn, they reinvest it back into that economy that local community that kind of helped them kind of grow their business to so, I think that the small, I mean, the small business community has always been around as you man. Yes. Are you right?. Working hard and doing what we can so. Alright, so August 11, 6 to 9 pm at LBC address links and all that stuff in the show notes below. Check it out. And, and go meet Logan. If you haven’t met Logan before?

Yes. I promise. I’ll be sweating. ran around that place, so I’ll be happy. But the biggest thing is again, Phil in the restaurant helping the local companies, the local sponsors, realtors, man, invite as many Realtors free food I’m telling you Free is good. Come out and meet we have an inspector. That’d be a great connection for him. So just hopefully we can help. 

I like it. Thank you. So go check them out. And then you’ll have to keep me posted. If you do any more events and stuff like that.



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