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Joe McMiller | Why Longevity Should be Your Only Fitness Goal

Is your fitness and health journey one of the most neglected aspects of your 2023? If it is, you might want to think about recalibrating your mindset around that.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, having your health as a top priority is a must. If you are struggling with where to start and how to just do it, listen to this episode with our returning guest, Joe McMiller as he teaches us a thing or two about staying fit and the motivation to do it.

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The Biggest Change He Had for this Year

For the last six months, it has really been authenticity that struck the most for Joe. For him, establishing an identity apart from being a father to his wonderful daughter has been on his greater list. Joe figured that doing fitness coaching would help him just fill that gap in his personal life and professional career.

What Really is Fitness

For most people, fitness is measured in pounds, or maybe how much you have lost in an x amount of time. For Joe, fitness is actually having overall good health. As a matter of fact, fitness is not one-size-fits-all. It is also not something that can be perfected overnight. It is actually something that requires the right mindset and the right guidance to achieve.

Joe McMiller | Why Longevity Should be Your Only Fitness Goal

Building your Healthy Habits

Fitness starts with a mindset and building healthy habits. One of Joe’s favorite things to do is lay out his weekly plans in advance. He loves to make sure that no unexpected turns are done on his end. He also wants everything to be there in advance for him to see. Since he started doing this, Joe observed an enormous change in his mindset and life.

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Joe McMiller | Why Longevity Should be Your Only Fitness Goal
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January 30, 2023
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