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How Rob Goetz Built a Thriving Flooring Business in Palm Harbor

Join us as Rob Goetz of Paradise Flooring Solution shares his inspiring journey of overcoming addiction and building a successful flooring business, emphasizing the power of community and perseverance.  He dived into their path from financial struggles to owning a thriving flooring company, underscoring the value of hard work and faith. He also highlighted the evolution of Palm Harbor, Florida, from a small town to a vibrant community, and the role of high-quality products and personalized service in their business growth. Discover their unique experiences and insights into entrepreneurship and community.

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Welcome back to another episode of Palm Harbor Local! I’m your host, Donny Hathaway, and today we have a truly inspiring story for you. I’m thrilled to introduce Rob, the owner of Paradise Flooring Solutions, who has a remarkable journey of overcoming personal and professional challenges. His story is a testament to resilience, community, and the power of faith.

From Struggles to Success

Rob’s story begins with his early years in Palm Harbor. Moving here from New York when he was just six, Rob grew up immersed in the flooring business. His family owned a successful flooring company, and he always thought he’d take over the family business. However, life threw some unexpected curveballs his way.

In 2009, amidst economic downturns and personal family struggles, Rob’s parents had to close their flooring business. Rob found himself without a job and with significant financial responsibilities. This led him to work various jobs, including serving tables and running a small carpet cleaning business. But, his passion for flooring never wavered.

Despite these setbacks, Rob never lost sight of his dream. “I grew up thinking I’m going to take over the family business,” Rob recalls. “When that went away, it was devastating. But it wound up being the best thing that ever happened to me.” This realization set the stage for his next big step.

Taking the Leap

Three years ago, without a solid plan but with immense faith and determination, Rob founded Paradise Flooring Solutions. Starting from a storage unit and leveraging his extensive network, Rob’s business began to grow, even thriving during the pandemic. Today, his company specializes in carpet, tile, laminate, and vinyl plank flooring, which has become a popular choice for many homeowners due to its durability and affordability.

Rob shares how daunting it was to take that initial leap. “I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I knew I had to do something,” he says. With a family to support and a desire to create something of his own, Rob put his faith in God and his trust in his abilities. “We didn’t have any investors or loans. It was all money we had earned. That’s how I wanted it to be.”

The Evolution of Flooring

Rob’s knowledge of the flooring industry is extensive, and he’s witnessed significant changes over the years. Initially, hardwood was the pinnacle of flooring options, symbolizing luxury and quality. However, the advent of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl plank has transformed the market. These materials offer the look and feel of hardwood but are more practical and cost-effective, especially for the Florida climate.

“Vinyl plank has just taken over the industry,” Rob explains. “It’s half the cost of hardwood, waterproof, and much more durable. It’s a game-changer for homeowners.” This shift in preferences has significantly influenced how Rob’s business operates and the products they offer.

Building a Business from Scratch

Starting a business without prior experience in marketing or business management was no small feat. Rob’s journey involved a lot of trial and error, leveraging social media and networking to build his clientele. He emphasizes the importance of word-of-mouth and personal connections in growing his business. Despite not having a prominent street location, Rob’s commitment to bringing samples directly to clients’ homes has proven to be a successful strategy.

“I wasn’t even on Facebook for five years,” Rob laughs. “But the power of social media has been enormous for us. We don’t have a main street location, but we’ve built a strong reputation through word-of-mouth and networking.” This approach has allowed Rob to focus on personalized service, bringing flooring samples directly to clients’ homes and ensuring they get exactly what they need.

Community and Growth in Palm Harbor

Rob’s love for Palm Harbor is evident. He’s witnessed the town’s transformation from a small, lesser-known area to a vibrant and thriving community. His sister, Louise, has also contributed to this growth with her restaurant, Bogota, adding to the charm and appeal of downtown Palm Harbor.

Reflecting on the changes, Rob says, “Growing up, there was no downtown Palm Harbor. Now, it’s a beautiful area with a great vibe. My sister’s restaurant has played a big part in that. Palm Harbor is a special place, and I’m proud to be part of its growth.”

Personal Struggles and Sobriety

One of the most powerful parts of Rob’s story is his journey to sobriety. Struggling with addiction, Rob hit rock bottom and realized he needed help. With the support of his family and a strong commitment to change, he sought treatment and has been sober since July 2013. Rob’s story is a testament to the power of community, support groups, and personal determination in overcoming addiction.

“Without sobriety, I’m not here,” Rob shares. “I grew up in a good house, but I got into partying, and it became a problem. I woke up one day and realized I couldn’t stop. I moved back home and told my parents I needed help.” After seeking treatment, Rob initially struggled to maintain his sobriety, but a strong support network and a commitment to a program helped him turn his life around.

Rob’s message to others struggling with addiction is one of hope. “There is a way out,” he says. “I’m living proof that you can overcome it. You just need to find the right support and believe in yourself.”

Balancing Work and Family

As a business owner and family man, Rob values the time he spends with his wife and children. Despite the demands of running a business, he makes it a priority to be present with his family, enjoying activities like boating and traveling together. Managing work-life balance is crucial, and Rob’s approach is to address tasks immediately to prevent backlog and ensure he remains efficient and effective.

“Family time is everything to me,” Rob says. “We bought a boat last year, and that’s our favorite hobby now. We love exploring together and just being with each other. It’s important to find that balance, especially in today’s world where everything is so fast-paced.”


Rob’s journey is a powerful reminder that with perseverance, faith, and hard work, overcoming significant challenges is possible. His story of starting a successful business, maintaining sobriety, and balancing family life is truly inspiring.

If you’re in Palm Harbor and need flooring services, check out Paradise Flooring Solutions. And if you’re interested in more stories like Rob’s, stay tuned to Palm Harbor Local. Together, we keep Palm Harbor thriving.



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