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Fashion, Perseverance, and Everything In Between with Ariana Agostini

In today’s podcast episode, I was able to sit with boutique owner and entrepreneur, Ariana Agostini. Ariana’s love for fashion fueled her dreams to become one of the most successful boutique owners in the Palm Harbor area. Though her career is in the field of advertising and marketing, that didn’t stop her to pursue her dreams to be a start-up entrepreneur. In fact, it even helped her to become better at what she does and gave her an advantage over thousands of her online competitors.

Noe + Roe Boutique started as an online fashion boutique birthed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The brand is perfect for on-the-go women who want comfort while staying on a budget and in style. As a mom and fashion addict, Ariana felt that women should wear what they want and should become very personal with their style. With this in mind, she hand picks every item from her store and only showcases what she thinks resonates with her brand. During the latter half of the year, Ariana decided to level up by creating a storefront in Palm Harbor, Florida which was a childhood dream of hers.

With her physical store keeping her busy, Ariana vows to make sure that women enjoy the process of shopping with themselves or their peers. She also caters to mothers who are on-the-go and wanting something comfortable and fashionable. Ariana, wants women to feel comfortable in their own skin and in the way they choose their clothing.

Fashion, Perseverance, and Everything In Between with Ariana Agostini

Ariana grew up in a very traditional and conservative family and it was her grandfather taught her the importance of hard work while being your authentic self.  As a result Ariana felt the urge to pursue her dreams and not live with the regret of not taking the chance. According to her, women should actually have the power to choose who they want to become. She even highlighted that women are badass and should never see themselves otherwise.
Lo and behold, with enough support from her husband and kids, she was able to build her dream business while still doing great in her career.
During her downtime, Ariana loves to just spend time with her family, decompressing. She usually starts her day with a cup of coffee while binge-watching her favorite Netflix show.
Ariana is a mother to two beautiful kids, Ava Noelle and Avianna Rose, a wife, a marketing expert, and most especially a entrepreneur who brings light to women’s fashion while encouraging them to become the best they can be. If you take anything away from this episode with Ariana it should be the understanding that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone get in your way of living your dream!