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Danielle Kostas | From NY to Florida to Build a Business

The hair industry is definitely one of the most competitive markets out there. Updates here and there. New styles are constantly created and are being learned. Indeed the only way to survive is to become adaptive to change. Aside from the market shifts, it is also very difficult to keep up with the demands of the workplace, especially for women working in this space.

That is why our guest today, Danielle Kostas, owner of Avenue Hair Salon Palm Harbor is a great advocate of having great work ethic in the workplace. From treating her employees right and creating a healthy learning environment amongst her staff, Danielle is definitely the model owner for most.

Competition among others can be healthy but it can also causes issues in the company. Danielle sees the value in collaboration amongst her staff over competition. She says that once you start bringing the overly rated competition amongst others, that’s where the drama happens.

Education and experience in the hair industry

Though Danielle is a new local in the Palm Harbor Area, she moved here with her husband in 2020. Within 2 years, Danielle has built a thriving business to which loyal patrons always come back. Danielle was initially based in New York and during the height of the pandemic decided to pack up and move to Palm Harbor where she describes locals to be warm and the weather to be the best.

With over a decade of experience in the hair industry (starting at 17),  Danielle knows that her adaptability to change is what keeps her in the business the longest. She acknowledges the fact that shared knowledge and learning among peers cultivate a healthy environment in her workspace. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Design Major of Interior Design, Danielle never regretted a single piece of her decision to go after her dream of building a business that makes everyone look and feel beautiful.

The reason why she became a business owner and tips on how to start one

Danielle talks about her huge gratitude to her husband who has inspired and pushed her to become a business owner herself. She believes it is important to create a safe space for her and her employees and wants work to be enjoyable for everyone.

Danielle is also big in establishing relationships among her clientele. For her, it is not just about creating beautiful masterpieces through their customer’s hair but also making sure that they serve them with the most satisfying customer service.

Additionally, it is important for her to have a good work ethic. She practices integrity in her business at all times and believes that it always pays off to be the bigger person in the game.

Danielle Kostas

Her favorite #PalmHarborLocal spot

Danielle’s favorite restaurant choice goes to Lucky Lobster in Dunedin. They also love walking their dog in the morning while grabbing some Dunkin Donuts and just sitting and watching the dolphins and the people fishing at the Dunedin Causeway.

Fireside Pizza Cafe – Downtown Palm Harbor and the Causeway drive are two of their go-to’s if they just want to grab a quick snack and good conversation while watching the sunset.

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Danielle Kostas From NY to Florida to Build a Business
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October 17, 2022
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