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Brandon Kelter | Turning Dreams Into Reality

Cash is definitely king when buying your home but it’s not everything!

Brandon Kelter is a Palm Harbor local — born and raised and started his mortgage career about 4 years ago. He has helped numerous locals and non-locals purchase their home and it’s that joy that keeps Brandon coming back for more.

Brandon shares his passion and love for this career in this episode! It provides him the freedom to work on his own terms. You see, Brandon never considered himself as a corporate, 9-5 type of guy. Which is one reason he enjoys this profession. Another reason, he truly loves seeing the smile on his client’s faces when they are closing on their home. The feeling of helping people’s dreams come true—to have their own space that they can call home , is one of the most satisfying feelings in this career, according to Brandon.

During the course of the podcast, Brandon also shared his tips for being on top of his game through efficient time management. His number one rule is to stay consistent. Whether it means jotting down things on his notepad or creating a weekly routine that he will stick to on a regular basis.

Home Buying Tips

Brandon also shares his tips on setting yourself up for success when getting a mortgage and I’ve listed some of them below.

  • First things first, you should find a licensed mortgage officer in your area.
  • Do NOT open up any new credit cars or lines of credit.
  • Job history is important so do NOT think about changes jobs prior to or during the home buying process.
  • Be totally honest with your mortgage lender and make sure to provide complete requirements as quickly as possible.

Outside of the real estate business you will find Brandon enjoying some time outdoors. Whether he is golfing, fishing or snow boarding Brandon is making the most of his free time. Looking to connect with Brandon? http://lo.movement.com/brandon-kelter/home

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