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Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants Association | Together, We Keep Palm Harbor Local

In today’s episode we have not just one or two guests but three core leaders from Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants Association.

We are excited to have 3 members of the group together in one room! We have Stephanie Andrews from Palm Harbor Happenings, Louis Goetz of Bogota Kitchen & Bar, and lastly Taylor Harris from Salon Raw Aveda.

What is Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants Association?

This group of small businesses in the downtown Palm Harbor area assists in bringing Palm Harbor & surrounding communities together.

As part of this endeavor, the Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants Association hosts different events and campaigns for the community. Some recent events they have put on are the Wine Walk and the Trick or Treating in downtown Palm Harbor. They also plan to assist in various projects to improve the community

Their goal and vision for the association

Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants Association aims to bring the community together through different fun activities and fundraising drives. All proceeds collected will be used to help the local merchants and the community. The organization was established way back in 1997 and has had an on and off history. Every leader as a different vision for the group but this current group of owners plan to build something that will last. They are taking a more boots-on-the-ground approach. Talking to the community to learn more about the needs and wants of everyone in Palm Harbor as the continue to grow. They have received lots of positive feedback. People want to see Downtown grow and want to be apart of the growth anyway they can.

How to contact them?

If you’d like to volunteer and be part of this amazing feat, contact them on their Facebook page at  Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants Association. Additionally, you can send them an email at palmharbormarchants@gmail.com.

Join the Locals and stay up to date on all things Palm Harbor: https://palmharborlocal.com/

Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants

                 From left to right – Taylor Harris of Salon Raw Aveda, Stephanie Andrews of Palm Harbor Happenings and Louis Goetz of Bogota Kitchen and Bar