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Donnie Hathaway | 3 Things to Watch out on Today’s Real Estate Market

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In this episode, we dive into the pulse of the Palm Harbor real estate market. Explore the thriving Seller’s Market that persists and uncover intriguing insights such as the highest sale ever recorded and the oldest home currently available for purchase in Palm Harbor. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Palm Harbor’s real estate landscape.

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What’s up Palm Harbor we are back for another episode, another solo episode, just myself on this podcast, your host, Donnie Hathaway, and I’m excited to produce this episode. It’s been a little bit a little while since I’ve recorded a solo episode. So this would be fun to kind of jump back in and do another solo episode. For anybody that’s ever recorded a podcast so episodes a little bit more, I guess when a little more challenging, right? Because I’m the one talking where typically, in my interview episodes where I’m interviewing the guest, I’m able to ask questions, and they talk in response to my question. So a little bit easier, from my perspective. Nonetheless, I’m excited about this episode.

And we’re gonna start doing these solo episodes, these market watch episodes, every single month. So this will be a consistent, consistent episode that we’ll do, we’re going to update you on what’s going on in the Palm Harbor real estate market. And talk a little bit about that talk about a lot about what I’m seeing. And then we’re going to do what I’m calling unique. So two things that I think are unique, have happened in the last month, or that are currently happening within the Palm Harbor real estate market. So so for this month, or for this episode, we’re going to do the highest, the most recent sale, that was the highest sale, sold the property last month. And then we’ll do the oldest home for sale in Palm Harbor that’s currently on the market right now. So you can go check that one out as well. But we’ll dive into that here in a little bit. If you are enjoying this podcast and you’re not already subscribed to the podcast, whatever platform you’re listening in on, pause it right now and do me a favor and go subscribe to the podcast, you get notified every single time we post a new episode. It also helps out the algorithm to reach more people. And we can just spread our word throughout the community throughout Palm Harbor community, and support the locals. And just live that local life and just enjoy the Palm Harbor area that we have here.

And you’re so fortunate to have so subscribe to the channel, please. And if you’re enjoying it, leave us a review on Apple Spotify. I don’t know if you leave us a Spotify wherever you’re listening to it. If you can leave us a review, leave us a review, subscribe and share this podcast with your friends and family. We appreciate it, I appreciate it. And with that being said, let’s jump right into our market watch. We’re gonna talk about three numbers here that I think kind of give you a good summary of what’s going on in the market without going into too much detail. I know for anybody that is listening to the podcast, right now, it’s not on video, or this episode on video. But, in the future, maybe we’ll put it up on YouTube. And we’ll have some graphics that are that make it a little bit easier to kind of follow along when we’re talking about some of the stats for Palm Harbor.

But to lead us off, we’re going to do a number of homes for sale. And this was last month. So at the end of the month, there were 332 homes for sale in July, which is trending down. So the demand has, demand has remained strong in the Palm Harbor area. So the number of homes for sale has dropped. So people are buying more properties and then more properties are being listed, which is kind of what we’re seeing all across the board. The average sales price also went up which would speak to that strong demand and, fewer opportunities, fewer options for people to purchase. So the average sales price in Palm Harbor was $507,000 which is a little high when you look at some of the previous months in the month or in the year 2023. So, for instance, June’s average sales price was $413,000. And then July was 507. So quite a big swing there.  is a few low sales or a couple, of multimillion-dollar properties that have sold, that’s going to skew the numbers a little bit.

And being in Palm Harbor, compared to, like Pinellas County, there’s, there’s less data available. So those numbers are more are, are more easily skewed. When you’re looking at the data, so last month, the average sales price was $507,000, which was up from the previous month of orange and $13,000. Now, the average days on the market, for June was 33 days, from the time the property was listed to the time that the property went under contract. So about a month, it’s taking for property to go under contract or to be sold, which is, it just it’s been kind of hovering around that the last few months, 2720 days, 30 days. So we’re not seeing much change there. If anything, it’s kind of trending to be, a little bit longer days on market life and more days on the market there, overall.

So with those three numbers, I hope that that gives you a good idea of, kind of where we’re at in this market, I think everyone has a pretty good pulse on. Or if you’re, actively searching or thinking about selling your property, you generally have a pretty good pulse on what you’re seeing, because of all the information and data that is available. But, overall, I think the Palm Harbor market is pretty strong, we’re still in that seller’s market where the demand is exceeding the supply right now. So, we still have people moving that want to be want to stay and remain harbor people that want to move from out of state into Palm Harbor from different parts of the county into Palm Harbor. So the demand there is still pretty strong, which is indicative of that high average sales price last month, what’s up Palm Harbor, it’s your host, Donnie Hathaway, if you’re looking to stay up to date with all things Palm Harbor than visit my website, it’s Palm Harbor, local.com, super simple, you can sign up there, join the locals, where I’ll be sharing more information on local events, local history, and what’s happening in Palm Harbor.

Donnie Hathaway | 3 Things to Watch out on Today’s Real Estate Market

I want to create and add more value to you as a listener for spending your valuable time tuning into my podcast. So join me there, keep listening. And remember together, we keep on harbor local. So it’s in like I said, so if you’re thinking about selling, if you’re in that we’re in that seller’s market, so it’s a great time to sell because of the demand is there. , but also, what we’ve seen is the interest rates play a huge role in that, I think we anticipated the interest rates kind of slowing down the demand with the interest rates being high, but I think people have come to realize that the the the market of what the interest rates are right now is kind of standard, it’s kind of average of what it’s been over the history of the last 1020 30 years. When you look at those numbers, and, the two 3% that we had, during the COVID years, that is kind of an unrealistic number.

So, it’s more on focusing on your mortgage, your cost your monthly expenses there than it is. So the interest rate and those people that have kind of realized that is still, purchasing and looking for properties. Their budget is a little bit different than what it was if you were at two or 3%, two to 3% interest rate versus the six to seven that we’re at right now. But people are still buying properties. So like I said, demand is still strong. If you’re thinking about selling, it’s a great time if you have a 3% interest rate, thinking about selling may not be the best option for you. Nonetheless, we’re still in that seller’s market, there’s still plenty of buyers out there that are looking for homes. And that’s a great market for both parties. So moving on to our next segment of this episode is the two uniques so this is I chose two because I thought two was a realistic number for me to come up with every single month of two things that are unique within this market. And so that’s what we’re going with so two uniques so the first one is going to be the highest sold property last month. So in June, the highest sale in Palm Harbor was $5.3 million, which is pretty good for Palm Harbor. It’s a waterfront property. And obviously, there are some high properties in kind of that higher-end property in that East Lake corridor area.

But this one three or three banana street sold for $5.3 million, it’s five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and just over 6000 square feet, beautiful property right on the water therein in Ozona. If you’re not familiar with the Zona you should go check it out and drive through there. There are some cool unique homes back in Arizona. But this one, obviously a very unique property sold for $5.3 million last month, in June. So currently, that’s The next thing that I’m going to talk about. The next unique thing that I found, currently is the oldest home that is currently for sale. And I was kind of surprised when I saw the date of this home. , I know there are some older properties in Palm Harbor. But to see, the age of this home was pretty cool. And that and its location kind of makes it even that much more unique. So the oldest home for sale was built in 1900, the year 1900, it’s 11, Bayshore Drive, and it is for sale at $2.3 million. So another expensive property, valuable property there. It’s four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and about 2800 square feet, and that one, and it’s another waterfront property in Ozona. Maybe he was known as a hotspot, if you’re looking for a waterfront property, there are a few of them for sale. But this one builds 1900.

As I said, I thought that was pretty cool to highlight here. In this episode. We don’t have many homes that are that old, I feel like most of them harbor in the 70s or 80s. And then obviously, certain areas are in pockets like Ozona crystal beach might have some older homes in the early 1900s, pre-1950 sort of timeframe. Nonetheless, 1900, is the oldest home for sale in Palm Harbor. And that wraps up our two uniques for this episode. So again, we’re going to do this we’re going to work on doing this every single month where we do a market watch, and then two uniques. So if there’s some information, something that you are just interested in learning more about Palm Harbor, I’d love to hear from you. And you can leave a comment wherever you’re watching this, or simply email me, you can visit our website. It’s Palm Harbor local.com. Leave us a comment on there.

We’d love to hear from you. We appreciate you listening in and tuning into this episode. Let’s have a great week. Talk to you soon.

Thank you again for listening to another episode of Palm Harbor Local. I hope you got a ton of value out of today’s episode. Now if you’re looking to connect with a guest or just get more information on the episode, then you can check the description below all the links in the episode as well as the link back to my website. It’s Palm Harbor local.com where you can stay up to date on what’s going on with the podcast and sign up there to join the locals. Let’s get after it this week. And remember together we keep Palm Harbor, local.


Stroll through the laid-back streets of the Palm Harbor community with this informative podcast, proudly brought to you by Donnie Hathaway with The Hathaway Group, your trusted guide and local expert in navigating the diverse and ever-changing property landscape of Palm Harbor.

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Stroll through the laid back streets of the Palm Harbor community with this informative podcast, proudly brought to you by Donnie Hathaway with The Hathaway Group, your trusted guide and local expert in navigating the diverse and ever changing property landscape of Palm Harbor.

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Palm Harbor Local's Pick of the Week

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Discover the gem of Palm Harbor handpicked by expert realtor Donnie Hathaway! Our "Palm Harbor Local's pick of the week" is your chance to uncover the perfect property - click the image to explore its hidden treasures or reach out to us now for an exclusive tour and more details. Your dream home awaits!

Donnie Hathaway | 3 Things to Watch out on Today’s Real Estate Market
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