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Brandon Dill | From Lenses to Leader

Many people are torn between keeping a side hustle and their day job. Some felt like they had to choose one way or the other. Some even feel like they are just born to follow and not become a leader. But what if you can do both?  What if you can actually do both and thrive?

Take it from our guest today who shares how he started his company from the ground up earning $1 million in sales/per year while working a full-time job. It sounds like our guest is taking scaling, and productivity to top-notch today. Learn his top tips for staying focused, building a team, becoming the leader he is meant to be, and more.

Brandon’s story and how he started his company 

Fuse Lenses started as a side hustle for Brandon. This arises from one of his neighbors needing a new pair of sunglasses when he banged up his brand-new, expensive sunglasses. Due to his resourcefulness, he pretty much sourced out an alternative of polarized gray lenses for it, and bam, it worked out just fine. Soon after hearing the news, his neighbor’s work colleagues started having Brandon fix their scratched-up and beat-up glasses.

With his business fostering, he didn’t take notch to leave his full-time job yet in the optics industry. Brandon was all about stability and he knew he could not get it from his start-up yet, so he decided to stay a bit more and inform his superiors about the situation. Lo and behold, a couple of years later, he started adding more employees to his business and that’s when he exactly knew what he had to focus on it. He handed in his 1-year notice and started weaning off task from his full-time job.

Transitioning from a full-time job to a full-time business owner

Brandon admitted that it was never easy when he become committed to his business full-time. There were still things he need to figure out like building his own team and just making his business more sustainable. Luckily, Brandon got a team of self-sufficient individuals who helped him scale their business more.

How he worked on staying FOCUSED

Brandon knew that if he wanted to succeed in his business, he has to put a lot of effort, time, and FOCUS on it. With the turnout of him quitting his full-time job, Brandon tried different programs to ultimately enhance his FOCUS and eventually make his business thrive. He said that he tried a program run by one of his friends that uses the tool called Culture Index. It is a tool that helps businesses achieve greatness through its people by helping assess different aspects of their interpersonal being that will essentially affect their business.  Focused on the measurement of work-related traits, Culture Index uses a free-choice adjective checklist methodology, which differs greatly from the more commonly used “forced choice” or “multiple choice” responses (Culture Index, Story).

With the aid of this tool and his friend’s further guidance, he was able to figure out that he was more inclined to jump from one thing to another. With this, Brandon realized that things need to change and improve. He then started reading books that leverage focus in a business setup. He started establishing quarterly objectives and goals, creating open communication among his subordinates. And just improving on the way he handles and sees things from a business perspective.

Favorite Local Palm Harbor Spot

Brandon loves spearfishing so he is really into taking his boat off the islands (with his friends) . He is also an extreme outdoor gal who loves taking strolls in Tarpon Springs with his wife.

#103 Brandon Dill | From Lenses to Leader

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